3 Mobile Apps That Satisfy Your Travel Bug

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This article was originally published on MOGUL

For some of us, traveling is a way of life. We do it for adventure, or to learn more about the world. It could also be a means to escape the daily hustle and bustle—to go somewhere different, experience more than what our regular days would allow.

However, travelers who are constantly on the go might find it difficult to open a computer every five minutes or so to find out details about their destinations. This is where travel mobile apps become quite a necessity, and a welcome resource at inopportune times.

Planning a trip can be tedious, and might make a dent on being spontaneous, but it is the most important aspect of getting to where you want to be. It can prevent mishaps or help manage curveballs that life unexpectedly throws at you just when you are having fun.

Thankfully, mobile apps serve as portable tour guides and information hubs anytime and anywhere. Here are several travel-themed apps that will benefit all kinds of travelers whether you’re a posh vacationer, a long-term backpacker, a business executive, or a family man.

1. SkyScanner
SkyScanner is known as one of the best airline search apps out there. It has an excellent user interface for finding cheap flights to and from anywhere in the world. SkyScanner is loved for its feature that allows users to book flights based on places and time, and when it will be inexpensive to fly. Users can adjust their searches through an intuitive and interactive graph to find the cheapest flights and dates. The app has an existing partnership with Ebookers for actual ticket sales.

2. Born2Invest
The newly launched Born2Invest is ideal for business and lavish travelers as it provides the latest news on finance, markets, and stocks from the world’s top sources. Even better, it has an extensive category for luxury travel destinations. The app maximizes its swipe feature by letting you quickly browse 80-word summaries, which also includes photos of some of the ritziest vacation spots around the world.

Tap the “Read More” button, and you will be directed to the main article that has all the details of the destinations. Some places featured in the travel category include the Bahamas, Paris, Santorini, and Bali, with the posts focusing on the most expensive hotels, private villas, and even islands to rent.

3. Tripomatic
Like a virtual tour guide, Tripomatic helps you plan your itinerary for current and future trips. The app has more than 40,000 attractions listed in 300 destinations across the world. Top destinations and activities are available to view offline, such as maps, photos, and visitor guides. This is great for travelers who need to consult information but have no Wi-Fi connection.

These days, it’s less guidebooks and more e-books. It’s less street smarts and more smart devices. This is a reality that is well and true: with traveling comes our ever-present technology.

Whether you’re bringing your camera or your phone (it could very well be one and the same!), seeing the sights or going off the beaten path is made easier and more convenient by smart devices and online tools. Some travelers seek advice from fellow backpackers, while some consult travel blogs and feature articles published online. And then there are apps which live in your pocket, easily within reach. There is never a dearth of information if you are always connected.

Tyler Becker

Director of Content, Social Media Week


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