10 Ways to Use Twitter to Effectively Increase Customer Engagement



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The buzz word in Silicon Valley these days is “disruption”. Companies like Amazon and Google disrupted every aspect of how we shop and interact online. Businesses like Uber disrupt transportation norms. And social media disrupts how customers make decisions.

Effectively using a targeted strategy, Twitter can become a vibrant, easy and relatively cost-free way to disrupt customer habits, build your brand and attract new business.

Follow these steps to add vitality to your social media brand today.

1. Tell a story

Speaking of disruption, marketers and advertisers are changing how they do business because of the rise of social media. The strategy has shifted from jingles, slogans and commercials to stories. Each and every 140-character word treat is a chance to tell a story. A photo tells a story. A video tells a story. Each story shares who you are and attracts new audiences. Think story, not ad.

2. Have a personality

Forget sound bytes and carefully crafted tweets. Express your businesses unique passions, quirks, humor and values in your tweets. Engage others like you would socialize. Introduce your company’s personality, not it’s products.

3. Small fish are big catches

Too much of Twitter focuses on those with large followings. “Social monitoring website Mention analyzed over 1 billion social mentions from the past two years, and in their analysis they found that 91 percent of mentions come from people with fewer than 500 followers,” Kevan Lee a content crafter on Buffer writes. Court these loyal customers with interaction and interest in their posts.

4. Speaking of Buffer

Use it or other Twitter content scheduling portals like it to ensure consistency. You want to craft content and re-use it in ways that maximize its exposure. By scheduling regular tweets, you continue to promote your brand.

5. Engage in real-time

In addition to your scheduled content, designated short-bursts of time to surf the Internet wave of what’s hot. Check out what your followers are posting and interact with posts of your own.

6. Hashtags

Hashtags are like pocket squares in a suit or accessories to a dress. They accent and provide splash. Don’t overuse them with a tweet but nothing but hashtags. But key on trends relevant to you and your followers and slip hashtags into content to make sure your posts are seen.

7. Give, give, give

Ask questions, joke, and use visuals that others may share. Engage your followers with things of interest to them nine times for every one promotion about your business.

8. Choose your community

In Hubspot’s “How to get a 1,000 followers” tip sheet, they remind us to build a community of real people with real interests. Cultivate experts in your field by following and responding to their tweets. Make sure the company you keep sends the right signal.

9. Offer real-time discounts to fill slow times

For example, if a hairstylist gets an opening or has a slower day, she can tweet about it. Customers can snag an appointment for a spontaneous cut and color and receive a discount. For the stylist, a discounted customer is better than an open chair.

10. Stay the course

Twitter is not an instant cure. It’s a strategy that unfolds over time. Sure you might seize the perfect content that suddenly goes viral and gains you hundreds of thousands of followers who turn to loyal customers. But rather than try to hit the lottery, a well-crafted strategy over time will bring the steady boot your company needs.

Andre Kay is CEO and founder of Sociallybuzz, which exists to help businesses grow using social media. By helping them reach relevant customers, build customer loyalty, mange reputation and increase revenue. We protect relationship with their customer, create effective campaigns, manage their social channels and online reputation 24/7. Read the company’s blog and follow it on Twitter and Instagram

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