If You’re New To Facebook Advertising, You Should Start With Boosting Your Posts



Unless you’re spending money on Facebook Ads, your posts will not be seen by your entire Page audience. But, getting started with paid post on Facebook can be intimidating. If you’re new to promoting content on Facebook, you might want to start off with Boosted Posts.

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If you manage a Facebook Page, you know the impossible nature of reaching your entire audience with a post. Of course, shares, Likes, comments, and other factors will expose your content to new individuals, but you must consider the fact that your posts will typically reach less than 10% of your community, on average.

There Are Reasons You Don’t Reach Your Entire Audience

Facebook isn’t playing dumb. The reason you’re not reaching everyone that Likes your page is a strategic move to get you to spend money advertising on Facebook. That’s one of the reasons Facebook offers so many different ad types and opportunities to expand your network and reach more people. These include Lead Ads, Custom Audiences, Look-Alike Audiences, and other elements within Facebook Ads Manager, the Power Editor, and the list goes on.

The Best Place To Start

All these choices can be overwhelming for beginners who are left with unanswered questions, frustration, and a potential unwillingness to join the Facebook game, which can appear threatening, but in reality, paying to promote your posts might be the game-changer you’ve been looking for. If you are not an expert at creating and deploying Facebook Ads, your solution might be one of the easiest and most straightforward approaches, called “Boosting” posts.

Option to Boost a post taken from Social Media Week's Facebook page. Facebook allows you to launch this type of paid promotion in just a few clicks.

If you create valuable content, and subsequently, share that on Facebook you’ve done more than half the work for Boosting your post. Even if you schedule a post for a future day or time, you have the option to easily promote it with just a few clicks. Here are the three choices Facebook offers to reach more people with your post:

1. People who like your Page
2. People who like your Page and their friends
3. People you choose through targeting

Facebook then asks you to choose your target audience based on location, age, gender, and interests. You also must decide the duration of your Boosted post, and budget as well. Start with some trial and error with these options, and begin small, such as a budget of $5 per post to help you get comfortable with Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts. Even with a small budget, you’ll be able to see the results, metrics, and insights of what might be working, and what isn’t.

Once you start to become more familiar with Boosting your posts, you can graduate to more options with Facebook’s Ads Manager, and then get more sophisticated with Power Editor.

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