3 Idea Generator Tools That Cure Your Content Writer’s Block



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Every marketer reaches a point when they simply can’t think of anything “original” to write about. Creating new ideas can be very difficult, especially if you’re under pressure to think of “consistent and engaging” content. According to one of Neil Patel’s more recent articles, he expresses that the number one thing that all marketers struggle with is “Producing Engaging Content”, followed closely by “Producing Enough Content”. So naturally, as a marketer you need something that will get those gears turning in your head, or in the least provide you with some inspiration. Here are three different kinds of idea generators that you can try out in order to give your content efforts a bit of a boost.

Content Marketing Challenge

1. Klock.Work: Infographic Idea Generator

First of all, be careful with this idea generator, because it is highly addictive and you can easily spend hours generating fun and absurd titles for your next blog post. Klock.Work is actually an infographic idea generator. All you need to do is type in a noun and hit enter and you will be presented with hundreds of titles, some useful, some inspirational and some just downright absurd. The great thing about Klock.Work is that it also suggests an infographic style and template that pairs with the title generated. It will either suggest a statistical infographic, a process infographic, a timeline or a list-based infographic template with appropriate examples.

Klockwork Infographic Idea Generator

2. Hubspot’s Blog Title Generator

Hubspot’s generator is good if you have a number of different topics on your mind and want a range of blog title ideas for the week. It shoots out 5 titles so that you have a week of content ideas. I played around with this one for a little while and they seem to recycle the same 10 to 20 title templates, but it helps with inspiration.

Hubspot Blog Title Generator

3. Plot Generator

This was a rather interesting generator that I came across, and although it is geared towards plot inspiration for a novel or film, I still found it quite entertaining. The reason I like to explore tools outside of the “content marketing” ecosystem, is because it can provide you with a new level of insight you may not receive from a tool created by a software company or inbound marketing organization. This seemingly unnamed plot generator works somewhat like Mad Libs. You can choose between a vast array of different genres including fantasy, science fiction and teen vampire. So if you’re looking to write some Halloween themed blog posts, you might find some inspiration with this Plot Generator.

Plot Idea Generator

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