5 Signs You Can’t Resist Being a Marketer Every Hour of the Day



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You’re a marketer, and let’s just say, you are “unique” in the professional world. You’re always thinking, always moving, and just can’t help yourself at times. But, you love the craziness, and you definitely know when it’s taking over your life.

1. You start to dream about benchmarks and new campaigns

As a marketer, you dedicate a large portion of your day towards hitting goals, whether those goals include the production of new content, maintaining partnerships and seeking out new ones, or putting together the next best campaign that will boost your company’s SEO and revenue. However, once those goals start following you home after work, and climb into bed with you, the bitter truth is that your relationship with marketing has reached new heights.

2. You attend a family dinner and try to network with someone

When the holidays finally arrive, and you have a few days off away from the office, it’s natural that you would want to spend time with your family. Sometimes you re-encounter family members you may have not seen for a few months, or even a few years. If they ask you about your personal life, or suggest catching up over coffee sometime, maybe you respond by handing them your business card and telling them that, “You look forward to collaborating on something in the near future”. Chances are you don’t really understand the work-life balance, but you do understand that every interaction is an opportunity for growth.

3. You actually enjoy getting promotional emails

How often do you get a promotional email from an online service you may have signed up for? And how often do you actually read and analyze those emails to see the strategy of other businesses? You probably also turn up the volume for commercials and ads when they pop-up as well. In fact, you might even point out all the flaws and successes of those promotional emails, or compare them to hundreds of other automated emails that have been sitting in your inbox for months.

4. You can’t stop thinking about your next blog post

Hey, content is king, right? On average there are about 1,400 new blog articles posted every minute on the web. That’s 2,016,000 new blog posts every day! With that much content floating around online, it’s no doubt that blogging is on your mind. During your downtime, you probably create outlines, or add ideas to your inspiration board about what to write next. Any question someone asks you about your company, you consider turning into a blog post. You also think of how you might repurpose your existing blog posts into new forms of content, like an infographic template or a podcast.

5. You always have an opinion on how to optimize anything you see

You’ve probably already told someone today that they are doing their job completely wrong, or at least suggested something they could change. Maybe you visited a company’s website and mentally listed everything that needed to be “fixed” on their landing page. Perhaps your partner left you a handwritten note at home, which you attempted to analyse in order to determine what the prominent keyword was, or you might have gone to the grocery store and tried to re-arrange all of the cans in order to make it more “visually appealing”, or “click-worthy”.

Some might say you’re obsessed about marketing, but you know that the truth is you’re just dedicated to what you do. Besides, a force in motion is always in motion, right?

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