There’s Now An App That Can Prebook Your Uber Ride for the Time You Want



TimeTravel is a new app for iOS that automates Uber bookings to allow you to request Uber rides in the future. The app is not endorsed by Uber in any way, but it already has positive app store ratings shortly after launching.

If you use Uber, or other on-demand car services, there’s one feature that you likely would use, but doesn’t currently exist. That feature, you ask? It’s requesting a ride and booking a car in advance. Uber currently doesn’t have that feature, but imagine how great it would be to request an Uber ride to the airport a full week before the day and time of your flight. You wouldn’t have to worry about last-minute transportation for an entire week.

Luckily, Uber users now have an app ($1.99 for iOS only) that makes this feature a reality. While it’s not affiliated or officially endorsed by Uber, the new app called TimeTravel allows you to prebook an Uber ride for the time you want, and you can book rides up to one week in the future. It can also be used for the same day, so if you know you’ll be stuck in a meeting later, you can use TimeTravel to request a ride as soon as the meeting is scheduled to end.

Before you start prebooking every Uber ride, you should know that TimeTravel cannot guarantee that rides will be available at the requested time, but hey, this is one thing Uber doesn’t allow in their own app, so we’ll see if Uber becomes a friend or foe to TimeTravel.

UPDATE: TimeTravel stopped working because of a breach in the Uber TOS. However, after working closely with the Uber API Team, Joshua Meier has created a similar functionality into a new app called TaxiLater (iOS). It’s powered by the Uber API, ensuring quality and reliability. After requesting a ride, TaxiLater’s algorithms continually adjust the optimal time for requesting – so that your driver arrives exactly when you want. All that’s needed is a Uber username and password.

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