6 Ways To Use Skype Now That You Don’t Need An Account To Join Calls



Skype can be the go-to tool for video chatting, conference calls, and long-distance conversations. Now that Microsoft announced you do not need an account to join Skype calls (you’ll need one to start them), it presents us with entirely new ways of using the service.

Skype recently announced the ability to invite others to join a call even if they don’t have an account. The new feature will allow users to start a call, and then send a unique link prompting the recipient(s) to join through a web application of Skype.

In their announcement, Skype said, “In the early days, our goal was to get the whole world talking for free; we wanted people to share more and to say hello to at least one new person every day.” With this new feature, they’ll get closer to that goal.

With these unique URLs, you can send them however you want; in an email, on Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, and any communications channel. Skype users can initiate instant messaging, voice calls, and video chats, both one-to-one and in a group.

No Skype account, or app download, is required, and chatting with anyone in the world becomes possible. With this new feature, here are some ways Skype could be used to your advantage.

1. External Meetings When You Don’t Know Which Service To Use

Today, there are more services than ever catering towards conference calls, phone replacements, video chatting (, Google Hangouts, and UberConference to name a few). Skype for Web, and the new unique chat URLs, solves this problem. Now, instead of going through the trouble of deciding which service to use with a partner, client, or any other type of meeting, any person with Internet access can use Skype for Web through the one URL.

2. Startups and Companies Without Telephones

If you’re a new company, or trying to cut down on costs, Skype now becomes an incredibly useful tool for both internal communications, and external ones. You can create private, group chats for your team, and still have one-to-one conversations between employees. If you need to have a call with someone outside the company, just create a chat URL and send it their way, along with anyone on your team that needs to join the meeting.

3. Product Demos and On-Boarding Sessions

If you demo your product or service, Skype might be handy for sharing your screen and video chatting. the ability to quickly send a URL to a customer, client, or partner is fast, efficient, and doesn’t rely on someone owning an account to Skype, or any service for that matter. Let’s say you’re on the phone, and find it difficult to explain something. You can say, “Hey, let’s jump on Skype and I can show you exactly what I’m talking about.” Just send a unique URL, and you’re chatting in less than a minute.

If you demo your product or service, Skype might be handy for sharing your screen and video chatting.

4. Perfect for Kids, Seniors, and Non-Techy Folks

Downloading software, changing your settings, and registering for accounts might not seem challenging, but for kids, seniors, and individuals who have a tough time with technology, it can be overwhelming. With this new feature, though, starting a chat or video call with these individuals becomes quite simple. Let’s say your aunt and uncle are familiar with email, but not much else on the computer. You can email them a unique Skype URL, and Skype for Web will automatically load and put them into the chat. No downloading, no registering, no settings.

5. Conduct Your Next Interview In Two Simple Steps

For location-independent companies, or any organization that manages interviews online, this new Skype feature could be the solution to any technical issues with interviewing candidates remotely. Often times with this format of interviews, there’s that awkward dance of who messages who first, which accounts to use, and other social dilemmas. Instead, just send the interviewee a URL, and they can join at your scheduled time (let’s hope they’re on time).

6. Quick Customer Service Functionality

If you have a support person, or team, within your company, Skype can be used to chat with customers through instant messaging, voice calls, and video chatting. For example, if you manage customer inquiries through Facebook and Twitter, you can send them a unique URL (make sure they are sent privately through Facebook Messages or Twitter’s Direct Messages) to begin a conversation and answer their questions.

This is rolling out to the United States and United Kingdom at first, with the rest of the globe to follow over the coming weeks. You can see more in the video below, but when you receive a unique Skype URL, all you need to do is enter your “Guest Name” to join. You can learn more about this announcement on Skype’s blog post.

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