5 Ways Social Media Impacts The Way We Design Our Websites



The ways we use social media have more impact than the direct results. Beyond sharing information and communicating with each other, it also impacts the way we use the Internet, and how we build and design websites.

Individuals of any age, location, and background uses social media. In so many ways, social media has completely altered the way we interact with each other as well as the offline world. Not only has it transformed the way information is shared online, but also the way in which people connect on the Internet and with businesses. Additionally, it’s changed web design for many reasons. Here are five of them.

1. Promoting Social From Your Website, and Vice Versa

Social media has caused the world of web design to go through a lot of changes. Most businesses now have official pages on at least one social media platform. The homepage of most business websites include links to draw attention to the presence of the business on social media and to encourage visitors to connect with the business on these sites.

You have probably noticed that most business websites have Facebook or Twitter buttons on their homepage or as a site-wide link in their header, footer or menu. This practice is becoming more common and businesses understand that they need to incorporate links to their social media pages to let people know about these marketing campaigns.

2. High-Quality Design For Your Social Media Pages

Social media allows Internet users to interact with each other and access more content. Most Internet users now expect to find this type of content whenever they go online. This experience greatly influences the way Internet users see a business, which is why you need to focus on creating a quality design for your social media pages.

For instance, if you use Facebook to connect with your audience, you need to create a design that is interactive and professional for your Facebook page. People will not have a good experience if information is no easy to find or if they do not find the kind of content they were expecting. This is also true if you use Twitter and other websites to promote your business on social media. You need to create profiles that will grab the attention of your audience, make people want to read more and make them wan to follow your links or visit your store.

3. Design for Ads Displayed On Social Media

Social media is becoming increasingly popular and new users are signing up every day. People turn to social media to communicate with friends, read up on the latest news, follow pages relevant to their interests and connect with their favorite businesses.

Facebook currently has 1.41 billion users and is still growing. Businesses can use social media to reach out to almost anyone and Facebook and other sites are providing businesses with the tools they need to target the right target audience. Businesses can now run ads on Facebook and other social media websites.

The designs used for ads should be adapted to social media and to each different platform. The purpose of running ads on social media is to grab the attention of users and get them to click on the ads. A business might not get enough leads or generate enough sales if the design of their ads is not adapted to the social media platform they use. Designers can also create more content related to an ad campaign, such as a banner for the official Facebook page of the business, some memes or a profile picture.

4. Using Interactive Designs

Social media provides Internet users with interesting and interactive content and people now expect this type of content. This is why your web design needs to be increasingly interactive and your web designer increasingly savvy. Ideally, your web design and the design of your social media pages should be consistent with each other so that people can easily identify your brand. These designs should also encourage visitors to interact with your page, for instance by drawing attention to important links or features. Gather analytics on what people do when they visit your page to gain a better understanding of the kind of content they are looking for.

5. Social Media and Images

Social media has changed how businesses present themselves online. Social media allows businesses to interact with their audience more directly, which means businesses can gather relevant information on their audience and provide better customer service.

Designs that encourage people to interact with your business are important. Posting pictures instead of text-based content is a great way to grab the attention of your audience on Facebook and other social media platforms. This is why sharing relevant images should be an important part of your social media marketing campaign. The right web designer will be able to create some interesting and compelling images for your audience to grab their attention and drive interactions.

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