3 Influencer Marketing Questions with New Era’s Digital Experience Team



We sat down with Mitch Mirsky, Senior Manager of Digital Brand Experience at New Era Cap, to discuss their latest holiday campaign, as well as the current state of influencer marketing and how brands engage with consumers onine.


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We spoke with Mitch Mirsky, Senior Manager of Digital Brand Experience at New Era Cap, the popular sports lifestyle brand, to find out why the 90-year-old brand is cozying up to content creators this holiday season.

New Era hand-picked three social media content creators to feature their favorite NFL team’s hat in a holiday series of social posts, and encourage their fans and followers to share their own photos and videos.

1. Why are social media content creators the perfect fit for New Era’s target audience?

“New Era’s target demographic is males 15 to 25, though the brand is certainly popular among people who don’t fall within this cohort. Millennials and Gen Z-ers require a much different marketing strategy than, say, Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers. A quick look online will tell you that this audience is very passionate about New Era. People love our brand because of our wide variety of styles and high-profile partners like the NFL and MLB. Influencer marketing resonates with our socially active audience and helps us speak to them in a way they understand.

In lieu of more traditional advertising, we’ve transitioned some of the power to social media content creators. To start, we corralled a group of influencers who are experts at creating content on platforms like YouTube, Vine, and Instagram and who are a natural fit with our brand. We then gave these influencers general guidelines for content creation but for the most part allowed them to exercise creative freedom when developing the posts. After all, they know their audience better than anyone.”

2. Why does influencer marketing require a new approach?

“One of the reasons our brand has thrived for more than 90 years is because we’ve adapted to our consumers’ behaviors and needs. Today, people that love New Era let it be known: they’re engaged, vocal, and organically contribute content that shapes how our brand evolves over time.

Influencer marketing allows our team to get out there and authentically interact with our audience and their content. The name of the game is no longer about winning impressions – it’s about building a long-lasting relationship with our audience.”

3. At a time when consumers are constantly looking for ways to evade advertising, why are influencer marketing programs so important?

“It’s becoming a known truth that partnering with advocates to drive earned media is a more effective approach to marketing than reaching them via traditional media. Consider the ad-blocking trend, for example, which has emerged as a growing threat to the way many marketers do business. When consumers block ads, they are overtly letting brands know that their ads aren’t working. People respond to brand messages that are genuine and natural – and that’s where influencers are hugely helpful.

Influencers are experts at creating authentic content that people love. By partnering with experts that gel with our brand, we can generate relevant content that resonates with our audience. Further, pairing up with creators also allows us to fill our content pipeline in places like Vine, Instagram and Snapchat, where we have built presences but don’t necessary have the resources to create a continuous flow of original content.”

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