6 Tips for Mastering Social Media Marketing Over the Holidays



Happy Holidays! It’s a time for family, friends, food, and… social media marketing. Just because your organization is closed for the holidays, doesn’t mean your customers are instantly disconnected too.

As we enter the holiday season, it can be tempting to wind down and reflect on the past year. It’s critical that you keep looking forward, though. For social media marketers, there’s no time that’s more important than the final few weeks of the year. From Thanksgiving and Christmas to New Years, there’s a lot going on and you need to maximize your brand’s potential during this time. Consider the following six tips.

1. Leverage Emotions

The holiday season is emotionally charged on so many different levels. Words that come to mind when thinking about the consumer mindset during the holiday season are generosity, family, reflection, giving, and positivity. As a marketer, you need to think about how you can tap into these feelings and use them to your advantage.

For example, in the weeks leading up to and after New Years, many people try to stay motivated and focus on their goals and resolutions. A good way for your brand to connect with these customers is to offer gentle encouragement in the form of clever GIFs, video clips, and memes. While you may not be directly marketing your products, you’re positioning your brand as caring and thoughtful.

2. Schedule Posts in Advance

Let’s be honest, the holidays can get a little crazy. Even if you aren’t planning to take a lot of time off from work, you’ll inevitably be pulled away at unanticipated times. That’s why it’s smart to go ahead and schedule posts in advance. This ensures that your social profiles don’t wane when things get chaotic.

You also shouldn’t be afraid of repurposing social posts across multiple channels. However, remember that many of your customers follow you on multiple social platforms. You don’t want to simply copy and paste posts from one channel to another. Put a unique spin on the content each time you post.

3. Stay Active… All The Time

While business may slow down around the holiday season, social media activity actually increases. People have more time off and spend a healthy fraction of this free time browsing their social feeds and shopping online. This is the time when you want to actively post fresh content and engage with followers.

4. Give Periscope a Shot

It’s clear that live stream social platforms are the future of the industry. With an added emphasis on video and real time content delivery, it makes sense that customers are going to begin craving more and more live video content. Now is a great time to begin learning about Periscope. Leading brands are already using it to engage with followers – and you should too. Need some inspiration? Here are 25 brand-building ways to use Periscope.

And read our “Beginner’s Guide to Periscope” if you’re unfamiliar or new to the Twitter-owned livestreaming mobile app.

5. Make Logos More Festive

You don’t want to go overboard and completely redesign your social profiles to reflect the holiday season, but a little festive cheer is certainly encouraged. Something as simple as putting a red bow on your logo or incorporating some holiday lights into your cover photo is a nice way to show followers that you’re enjoying the season as much as they are.

6. Get Involved with the Community

Forced holiday content isn’t nearly as effective as natural content. One of the best strategies for populating your social profiles with good images and content is to get involved with local charities. You can then post pictures from events, or live-tweet things as they happen.

The holidays are all about warmth and generosity. If you want to maximize social media marketing during these few weeks, mull over these six tips and brainstorm unique ways you can reach your followers in effective ways.

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