5 Ways to Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Results



Getting a profile on YouTube is a great way to maximize your marketing efforts. Because it’s not as large as Facebook, it’s not used as often in the realm of social media marketing. However, those who know how to harness its full potential have gleaned many benefits from their YouTube marketing efforts.

The amount of internet video viewing has risen 35 percent over the past year while mobile video viewing has risen 20 percent. That’s a lot of potential to reach a wider audience. From setting up profiles to creating compelling videos, here are a few best practices successful YouTube marketers have adopted.

1. Set Up a Great Profile

Every company YouTube channel should have a great profile. It should be optimized for search with branding and thoroughly filled in information. For most YouTube channels, that means completing an about page with a complete description of the company written and displayed in a way that appeals to your target audience.

Consider the profile page for BMW. They brand their company name several times, point out keywords and video topics they think their viewers will love, and they link to all of their relevant social accounts and URLs across the web. It’s a great example of a completed profile that sells.

2. Create Compelling Videos

Since you’re creating a YouTube channel, it’s fairly clear that your videos should be compelling. You may not be able to create a viral video, but you can create content that addresses your audience’s needs and brings in customers at a pace you can handle. Anything that’s helpful, solves a problem, inspires, teaches, or entertains in the realm of your niche makes a great piece of video content.

Consider this excellent video channel for Park West Gallery, one of the largest art galleries in the world. It’s loaded with content to meet the needs of any art collector enthusiast, with artist spotlights, art history documentaries, tips and tricks, and more. The videos are high quality and loaded with content their audience base wants to see.

3. Cross-Market Content

Once you’ve developed a video for your YouTube channel, share it as much as possible. Social media and email marketing were designed to spread your message as far as possible. Including your video content in every avenue of your social network is the best way to go. Build up profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and any other social site that’s relevant to your business, and use it to share content of all forms.

4. Brand Your Channel

Consistency across all of your social applications, websites, and emails is vital for a successful YouTube channel. You should display your logo and brand name clearly on the page as a destination for your audience that matches the rest of your company. Everything from the colors you choose in the background to the banner picture you use should be consistent with your company’s name and brand.

Consider the PlayStation channel on YouTube. The branding is clear, with black and blue colors that couldn’t be confused for another brand. The unmistakable PlayStation logo in the upper left hand corner delivers the consistency required. In addition, each of their videos bears the logo before and after each of the videos play, to ensure that no one associates the video with a generic brand.

5. Use YouTube Ads

Consumers use YouTube as a search engine much of the time. They enter search queries into YouTube’s search bar based on certain keywords that show up in the types of videos they enjoy. Running YouTube ads is a great way to match those search queries, not to mention, YouTube viewers must watch advertisements before they can access their videos.

Make your advertisements clickable with a call to action that will lead them back to your channel or website. These advertisements are one of the best ways to promote engagement, generate leads, and create conversions for your company.

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