Your Daily Commute Will Never Be The Same Once You Start Using CommuteKit



Commuting to and from work doesn’t have to suck. If you know what to read, listen to, watch, or think about, you can transform those minutes and hours to become the most valuable parts of your day. Thanks to a new tool called CommuteKit, this commuter’s fantasy becomes a reality.


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Those of us that commute to work, whether it’s a multi-hour train ride, or a short walk to the office, have valuable time that adds up throughout the year. We might listen to music or our favorite podcast, or catch up on news while sitting on the bus. Those 10, 30, 60, or even more minutes every day is an opportunity to learn, relax, and be productive.

It’s time you consider using CommuteKit to help you decide how to spend your time commuting to and from work. Podcasts are categorized by length and subject. Email digests that inform and inspire you. Mobile apps to make you more productive. CommuteKit is your all-in-one home for organizing the tools and products to make your commute the best part of your day.

CommuteKit reached the #4 spot in the Tech category on Product Hunt (170 up-votes) on Monday. Creator of CommuteKit, Michael Sitver, explained his inspiration:

“The idea for Commute Kit came when I was on a train a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t think of anything valuable to do. I needed ideas, so I started making myself a list of activities to go to whenever I walk, ride, or fly.

Luckily, while working on Morning Short, I had researched a lot of podcasts and emails recently, but I expanded that by looking at hundreds of other products, and from that, I whittled it down to a list of my 120 or so favorites.”

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