Is Facebook Really Testing A Multiple-Newsfeed Experience for Users?



Facebook is much more than a social network. For many of us, it’s the primary way we consume news and entertainment, keep in touch with friends, and even market our business. But, what does a potential Facebook with multiple newsfeeds mean?


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Over 1.5 billion people use Facebook today, and for many, it’s a “newspaper made up of all the world’s newspapers,” coined by Jason Stein, who Tweeted a screenshot at the end of December and previewed Facebook’s experimentation with multiple newsfeeds for users.

Why is Facebook testing multiple newsfeeds? Well, for many reasons. First, more available ad units equals more revenue for Facebook, whose $12.5 billion in ad revenue accounted for 92% of Facebook’s total revenue in 2014.

Second, it’s one of the many features that both users and Facebook wants. The days of endlessly scrolling from one category of content to the next might soon be over. If this becomes our Facebook reality, it might be much more like a newspaper, where sections are designated for specific categories.

(via @jasonwstein)

Why Marketers Might Benefit from Multiple Newsfeeds

Millions of marketers use Facebook to reach an online audience, drive website traffic, increase app downloads, boost brand awareness, and many more business goals. With multiple, categorized newsfeeds, your content has a better chance to be seen in a more specific timeline of posts.

For example, if you’re in the clothing and apparel industry, your Page might not have to compete as much as it usually does with food, sports, music, travel, and other verticals. Now, if someone who Likes your page is in their “Fashion” newsfeed, your Page has a better shot of getting to the top.

Facebook is one of the primary ways for people to keep in touch with friends, family, classmates, and also consume news and entertainment. The problem with this is over time, you discover new people, pages, and pockets of content that you want to see more of, and eventually, it’s like a bumper-to-bumper highway. John-Erik Koslosky of The Motley Fool explains it:

Your Facebook feed, after all, is simply a conduit for information to travel, much like a highway is for vehicles. It’s more efficient and convenient than traveling winding roads or city streets. But on Facebook, every new person, group, or publication you add to that feed is essentially a new entrance ramp bringing traffic onto the highway.” (via John-Erik Koslosky of The Motley Fool)

Is Facebook Still A Social Network?

The roots of Facebook still exist as a social network, but think about your own use of Facebook, and you’ll realize it’s much, much more. It’s an ad platform, a news aggregator, a messaging service, an e-commerce destination, and many more use-cases. Facebook wants to be your all-in-one centralized Internet dashboard, where you can do, read, watch, buy, connect, and any other verb without ever leaving Facebook.

It’s one of the reasons why Facebook’s instant articles are an industry game-changer, and “Why You No Longer Really Own Your Content“. Of course, just because Facebook is testing this multiple-newsfeed feature, that doesn’t mean it’s official and open to the public. There’s always a chance Facebook tests this out, analyzes the impact, and decides to kill the idea all-together.

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