Foursquare Releases New Feature for Shared Trip Guides

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Have you ever planned a roadtrip, weekend getaway, or vacation and arrive without any clue as to where to eat, drink, and have fun? Foursquare is taking its ratings and reviews to the next level with shared, personal travel guides for friends to create together.

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Foursquare is doubling-down on peer-to-peer recommendations and reviews. The mobile-first network to help you find the perfect places to go with friends, and discover the best food, nightlife, and entertainment in your area just announced their latest product offering called “Trip Tips” to make it easy for you to share and receive recommendations from your friends.

In the past…
“You send a mass email, Tweet to followers, post on Facebook, and maybe even make a few phone calls. Then you take all those suggestions and put them in a spreadsheet or note on your phone. By now, you already need a vacation from your vacation.”

Now with Foursquare’s Trip Tips…
Trip Tips is your new travel planner, designed to take the stress out of your vacation planning time. It’s simple—tell us where you’re going and we’ll give you a link to share with friends. All of their suggestions are collected into a list with a map, which is saved to your phone for on-the-go access”

On Product Hunt, Dennis Crowley, Foursquare’s Co-Founder and Executive Chairman (also, the former CEO) commented, “I love that we made this. Simple, elegant and 100% fueled by feedback/interest/support from our user community! Thanks for all the nudging, everyone! :)”

Here’s how “Trip Tips” works…

  • Step 1: Plan your trip with help from your friends and enter your destination
  • Step 2: Enter information such as length of trip, or where you’re staying
  • Step 3: Invite friends to collaborate and help build your list with you

You can add places via desktop or mobile, and your new “Trip Tips” will appear in its own section under your profile tab on any device that supports Foursquare. Despite the very crowded space that Foursquare is in, they still have quite a bit of power among the rest, thanks largely to their early entrance, global user-base, and emphasis on reviews and ratings for all types of places near you.

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