GoPro and Periscope Form Partnership for Live Storytelling

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With 10 million users, Periscope is becoming the leader of mobile, livestreamed video. Their latest partnership with GoPro looks to go beyond the classic “Scopes” and introduce high-quality, real-time storytelling to people using Twitter and Periscope everyday.

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Expect to see much more high-quality, livestream videos on Twitter and Periscope.

If you’re on Periscope and own a GoPro HERO4 camera, you can now broadcast your content live on Periscope for your followers and fans to watch in real-time, simply by toggling between broadcasting from your iPhone’s camera to the GoPro with the simple touch of a button.

In GoPro’s announcement, they explain the feature, “like a production switch-board, where you can use your Periscope interface to flip between the two different camera angles, so even if your broadcast is lacking that heart-pounding action only GoPro can capture, you can still set up a two-camera shot for more dynamic story telling in real time.”

Broadcast functionality is currently only available on iOS, but users will be able to view GoPro broadcasts from any platform. Twitter users can watch live Periscope content (often called “scopes”) within Twitter’s app, so you don’t need to be active on the native Periscope app to enjoy livestreamed video.

For Periscope, integrating GoPro allows them to expand beyond the one-person-selfie perspective and day-in-the-life feeds that many users associate with the app. For GoPro, their technology and unique form of high-quality, video storytelling will be seen by millions of people on Twitter everyday. Sounds like a match that was just meant to be.

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