The iPhone’s 3D Touch Feature Is Coming to Facebook

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Apple’s 3D Touch feature on iPhone 6 and 6S devices allows users to preview content without leaving the current screen. Not many third party apps are using this, but Facebook is starting to roll it out, and others will likely follow soon.

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Apple’s 3D Touch feature on iPhone 6 and 6S devices allow users to “peek and pop” certain content, such as links, photos, emails, maps, photos, and more. “Peeking” is gently pressing and holding to open a small window previewing that object without leaving the page. “Popping” the object is a firm press (without letting go of the “Peek”) which takes users to the new page, photo, email, or application.

This is the first time your iPhone can sense how much pressure you apply to the display. If you play games on your iPhone and thought the harder you press, the better you would perform, well that might be true if third party developers integrate 3D Touch into the app or game experience. Perhaps a soft touch is a small jump, and a firm press makes your character fly.

Facebook is bringing this 3D Touch technology to their iOS app, allowing users to “peek and pop” a variety of content. “This feature will work with web links, profiles, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Facebook Events, photos, profile pictures, and cover photos. Effectively, that’s the majority of the content that users on Facebook will care about, and such broad support on the world’s most-used app could help push user adoption of the 3D Touch feature forward.” (via TechCrunch)

3D Touch for Facebook’s iOS app is not available to everyone yet, but is expected to be over the coming months. Some people are saying the Apple Watch features this “peek and pop” functionality, where some actions require a firm press versus a soft one. It’s definitely interesting to see how 3D features relating to touch continue to evolve, both on our wrist and in our pockets.

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