11 Social Media Post Ideas for E-commerce Brands



78% of consumers say social media posts by companies influenced their purchases. Whether you run a simple blog or a pure play E-commerce site, keeping the social media monster constantly fed can be a challenge.


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Circa 2001. Marketing teams at E-commerce firms were at their wits’ end on how to communicate everyday with customers. If only there was a way to reach out to customers without spending a fortune on advertising or spending days creating the perfect email newsletter.

Circa 2015. Marketing teams at E-commerce firms are at their wits’ end on what to communicate everyday with their customers, now that they have umpteen free ways to reach them, thanks to social media.

Whether you run a simple blog or a pure play E-commerce site, keeping the social media monster fed constantly can be a challenge. Even more challenging is to make sure that each post connects with users, evokes curiosity about your brand, and compels them to buy from you.

For days like those, here is some inspiration.

1. Product Giveaways

Who doesn’t like freebies? A quick win on social media is a contest that gives away product samples.

If you ask me, the ideal giveaway on social media would be a bunch of sample products of the items that you actually sell, and sell well. Not only will it excite your audience to win multiple goodies in one go, it will also be a good sampling exercise.

2. Influencer Partnerships

We usually look at influencers as a means to gain SEO and content marketing brownie points. Or to get ourselves some favorable reviews on Yelp. But why not go beyond the obvious and tap their star power on social media as well?

In the example above, Forever 21 uses popular fashion blogger Ebba Zingmark as their model and gets her endorsement for their latest fall collection.

3. Flash Sale Announcements

Flash sales are great for getting an instant spike in sales, provided people know that you’re having one. Social media is a fantastic way to spread the word about flash sales.

(via Happy Little Lovelies)

The post above does a number of things right. Not only does it spell out crystal clear exactly what time the flash sale will be, it tells users where it will be carried out and how to participate. It even offers them an incentive to spread the word about the flash sale with a dedicated hashtag and a giveaway.

4. Sales

Oh no! What did I just suggest!

Social selling is not as taboo anymore as it once was. With Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter all experimenting with “Buy” buttons, it’s only a matter of time that people will buy as easily on social media as they buy from your site today.

(via Pinterest)

5. Coupons

A very big reason why users follow their favorite brands on social media is to get special discounts from them.

Offer your fans what they’re seeking by being generous with your coupons on social media. Coupons create buzz about your brand online while keeping your cash register ringing.

6. Behind the Scenes

A great way social media knocks down walls between brands and their fans is by allowing a level of informality that never existed before. Many brands allow their users sneak peeks into their office events, a tour of their office and more.

Wistia, which enables you to host videos on your own site as opposed to YouTube or Facebook, routinely showcases its behind the scenes videos:

If you’re an online retailer with physical product lines, you could show customers how their precious orders are handled, packed and shipped to them by your dedicated logistics staff. Add a couple of employee sound-bytes and you have the complete curiosity hook!

7. Quirky Product Showcase

One huge benefit of being an E-commerce business is that you’ll always have something tangible that you can talk about to your consumers. On those rare days that you have a truly interesting product in your kitty, it’s time to show off.

Showcase your interesting, off beat product and get people talking about it, before someone else does.

8. Customer Spotlight

User generated content is big right about now. People love to check out what other real customers like them created and compare notes. Moreover, acknowledging a customer for their awesome ideas is a superb way of winning some undying customer loyalty.

Ikea shows you exactly how it’s done with its posts on fan-favorite looks – created by the fans, for the fans, using Ikea products. What better testimony can a brand offer to a new user than an existing customer gushing gaga over it?

9. Product Tutorials

The variety of products that E-commerce brands sell can mean that often users have no idea what to do with a particular item. Enter product tutorials.

This post from ASOS, a fashion retailer offers college students a variety of ways to ace campus fashion. The post is perfectly timed – with college reopening season – and offers users a way to buy the items they like right away.

10. Alternate Uses

Just as the product tutorial tells users the regular way of working with a particular product, offering them alternate uses for a single product makes the product in question even more desirable.

Posts like “X Unique Ways to use your iPhone Camera” or “Learn Alternate Uses for Your Vacuum Cleaner” keep engagement levels high.

11. Subscription & Membership Drive

No matter how impressive your track record on social media, email marketing still holds the key to being more personal and customized to each user’s needs and profile. Social media can help here by recruiting new members to your email marketing database and keeping your list fresh.

This is not limited to email subscriptions. Social media can be used to encourage membership in exclusive buyers’ clubs that you might have. The example above from and Reebok UK does exactly that. It seeks membership to its “Reebok One” program from its Twitter followers, offers compelling reasons to encourage membership and even offers a CTA button to enable immediate action. Talk about proactive posts!

Take Note…

A study by Market Force shows that 78% of consumers reported that social media posts by companies influenced their purchases. While many marketers still struggle with correct revenue attribution for social media activities, the fact remains that creative posting on social media does help move products.

What are you doing to move yours?

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