5 Game-Changing Strategies to Build Links and Improve Your SEO in 2016



SEO seems to change everyday, but your content and website can make smart decisions to improve your search ranking regardless of industry standards and technology trends. Here are some strategies to use, from guest blog posts to hyper-targeted infographics.

Links are still a major part of SEO, and according to most ranking surveys, they are still the largest ranking factor.

Acquiring quality, top notch links is something that’s often considered next to impossible. But, that doesn’t have to be, even in 2016. So, here are five useful techniques to kick off your link building in 2016.

1. Ask others for backlinks

It’s a good place to start, particularly if you happen to be a beginner.  Think about your clients, partners, colleagues, relatives and friends who have a website or blog.  Ask them for a backlink to your site. It should be integrated into content if possible instead of a link from the footer or sidebar.

Just be careful and ensure that the backlink is coming from a blog or website that is relevant to your specific niche.  If it isn’t it won’t have much of a positive impact and might even be harmful.

2. Build relationships

You need to establish good relationship in order to obtain good backlinks.  There are many different opportunities for making new contacts.  Start with communities that relate to your niche: social groups, blogs or forums.

Take initiative and start to contribute relevant and interesting posts and comments.  For each discussion that you participate in, offer contextual value.  When you actively participate in online communities that relate to your niche, you will not only be able to obtain some quality backlinks, but also have the ability to connect with interesting individuals who share your interests and have access to all of the latest news in your industry.

3. Give testimonials

Testimonial link building benefit everyone involved.  Many businesses will give you the opportunity to communicate the experience you have had with using their products.  This can be a great way of building up customer trust suggests Tommy McDonald of link building firm, Serplogic.

It is also a good chance for you to obtain a backlink and possibly traffic from a website that tends to have much higher approval rate than just the standard email requesting a link.  You get a new backlink and the product owner receives a testimonial to publish on his site.

4. Write quality guest posts

So many blogs and websites accept guest posts.  Before writing an article for this purpose, be sure that:

  • the blog or website relates to your subject
  • the article isn’t about how great your company or you are
  • your focus is on quality (interesting, professional and well written)
  • always remember that a poorly written article can result in you getting a bad reputation

You need to keep in mind when building your links that it is important that they benefit your website rather than having a negative impact on the ranking of your site in the search results.  Build backlinks for your customers and business, make sure that they are associated with great content and make them relevant.  If you do that your business will continue to grow, Google will keep you listed high in its search results and your visitors will be happy. There are still many benefits of guest posting.

It’s all about user focus, relevance and quality.

5. Infographics

Complex and long articles can be difficult to digest.  By contrast, a short one may not be too convincing.  You really can’t go wrong with an infographic.  It is a very compelling way of using visual content in order to tell a story that is very rich that can be understood in just a glance.  An infographic can really grab people’s attention and can possibly go viral as well.  Influential companies or people might even use them, if the quality is good.

At times, somebody may use your infographic without linking back to you.  If you suspect this is the case, you can begin a reverse image search on Google and ask them too.

Image Credit: Search Engine Land

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