10 Stats On Artificial Intelligence That Foreshadow The Future of Society

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a growing topic in the technology and business world. Many of us interact with AI each day, whether it’s Siri (Apple), Alexa (Amazon), Watson (IBM), or many of the other services in our homes and mobile devices.

Perhaps more than our personal lives, AI is entering the business world more and more each day. OneReach, an omnichannel automation service, rounded up 10 of the most interesting stats about AI today, and its future.

1. There was more than $300 million in venture capital invested in AI startups in 2014, a 300% increase over the year before. (Bloomberg)

2. By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human. (Gartner)

3. 32% of executives say voice recognition is the most-widely used AI technology in their business. (Narrative Science)

4. By 2018, six billion connected devices will proactively ask for support. (Gartner)

5. 44% of executives believe artificial intelligence’s most important benefit is “automated communications that provide data that can be used to make decisions.” (Narrative Science)

6. By the end of 2018, “customer digital assistants” will recognize customers by face and voice across channels and partners. (Gartner)

7. 80% of executives believe artificial intelligence improves worker performance and creates jobs. (Narrative Science)

8. By 2020, smart agents will manage 40% of mobile interactions. (Gartner)

9. Artificial intelligence will replace 16% of American jobs by the end of the decade. (Forrester)

10. 15% of Apple phone owners users use Siri’s voice recognition capabilities. (BGR)

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This article is shared as part of our “The Invisible Hand: Hidden Forces of Technology” series. In 2016, Social Media Week’s global theme will explore the intangible, under-valued processes driving our technology, and ultimately, our decisions, forward.

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