3 Things You Must Understand About Periscope and Its Users



People want to connect more than ever online with people and brands that they can relate to and gain value from. Periscope is a new way that individuals are doing this, and it’s an entirely new format of content that will only continue to grow.

With the power of livestreaming, anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection has the opportunity to not only express who they are with the world, but create powerful relationships through real interaction and mutual sharing of ideas.

For brands, Periscope is a powerful tool that amplifies everything we are used to associating with a “social” experience. Here are three ways Periscope is changing the status quo when it comes to social.

1. Community is Periscope’s DNA

It’s important to realize that Periscope is not just another live streaming platform, but one that demands true interaction, authentic storytelling and collaboration. People on Periscope crave inspiration, authentic connection and appreciate humanistic elements that tie both online and offline communities together. To grow a successful audience on Scope, you must be growing a strong and transparent community simultaneously. Real engagement that we are seeing on Periscope is a direct result from the communities we all building one broadcast at a time.

2. It’s not ALL about # of followers

Speak to any band who has experienced social success on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and they will tell you there are only interested in Periscope if it pulls in extensive audiences. Yes, it’s important to grow your audience over time, but you will miss the point of Periscope if you solely focus on the number of live (or replay) viewers next to the icon in corner of your broadcast. Embrace the fact that your brands’ biggest fans want to contribute to your brand story.

Never take for granted that they spend their valuable time viewing, commenting & tapping on their screen— these are not vanity metrics and the fact that people are doing this matters. Engage with you followers + viewers as if they were your trusted friends. Everyone who jumps into your broadcasts should feel welcomed, appreciated and invested in your scope presence.

3. Do not seek perfection

Periscope may be the only social platform that praises imperfection and the power of raw & authentic storytelling. Take advantage of why everyone else is intimidated by going “live” and show your brands’ authentic, human and imperfect qualities. Your followers can check out Instagram if they want to see perfectly glossy and filtered moments captured in time.

Remember your viewers are staying around to engage with people who can engage back in a vulnerable and real way. Periscope promotes the truest form of storytelling which translates into a level of trust that will be the most valuable return on your time.

As time goes on, it will be clear that those who do not acknowledge these 3 elements will not experience Periscope to the fullest. People want to connect more than ever on a consistent basis with others and brands who they can relate on a deeper level. Users who are continuing to thrive on the platform recognize that great content is only as valuable as the relationships & interactions formed within a scope.

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