How 360° Video Is Changing The Content Game



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360° video and virtual reality are platforms that are gaining an enormous amount of buzz at Social Media Week and beyond. According to Brian Cristiano, the CEO of BOLD Worldwide, 360° video is worth the hype.

Bold Worldwide focuses on pushing video content through social for their prestigious clients, and for the past 6-8 months has really focused on developing 360° video content.

360° video captures a complete perspective that gives viewers an immersive experience. Currently, users can experience 360° video through headsets, which can have a virtual reality component, mobile phones, like Google cardboard, and on desktops, which have the option to click and drag.

360° video has only been able to be uploaded to YouTube since last March, and to Facebook since September, which shows how new this technology is. There aren’t many content creators in this field, so there’s no rulebook for this platform yet. Two rules that Brian advises are that your 360° video needs to be truly immersive and the content needs to give the user a great experience.

GoPro cameras really set the stage for 360° video because it “gives viewers an experience and a perspective that viewers wouldn’t have otherwise.” Plus, it gives the creator a chance to examine their footage later to enhance their original experience.

Interestingly, gamers are the main consumers for 360° videos. They are the first to play 360° games and use virtual reality, and they continually consume cutting-edge technology. This audience is the “first movers in this tech space.”

And the tech space isn’t going to be emerging in years, but in months. Live streaming 360° video is coming to digital platforms, including YouTube and Facebook, within a year.

360° video tours for real estate are already happening. Brian supposes that soon we’ll be able to log into Trulia and take full tours of houses. This technology is not fringe, but is becoming commonplace, according to Brian.

1 in every 5 mobile minutes is spent on Facebook, which is why Bold is marketing 360° video on Facebook. When posting a 360° video on Facebook, Brian saw that there was a noticeable organic reach, meaning viewers were sharing and tagging people in the video comments.

“Great content gets great results, especially in 360°” video, and needs to be leveraged properly. Brian leaves us with this warning: The opportunity is now. Today he’s filming 360° video of professional skiiers and snowboarders, so we better get to it.

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