Atomization Of Business: Executing Impactful and Sustainable Social Strategies



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Code and Theory Co-Founder Dan Gardner asks, “in a day where media is fragmented, how do you build a brand?”

Access to brands has reached critical mass with almost half the world’s population having an online presence. In the same breath, Dan says that people’s expectation for brands have never been higher because “competition is everywhere and everyone.” Everyone can be a digital publisher, and brands especially need to be a digital publishers.

Previously, when building a brand, the rule was to be consistent. In this modern age, millennials want brands to respond to their expectations. A brand is not one event or story, it is a personable and relevant digital publisher. A brand is fluid.

How do you make your brand user-first? First, you need to understand that social media is the input, not just the output. Brands need to take the data and create change and content that addresses what users what.

In the case of chicken fries, Code and Theory saw that a niche community wanted the product to come back to Burger King, after being discontinued. Dan saw that they could create a marketing campaign that could only address this audience and still be successful.

By marketing to the consumers, they used their resources creatively and wisely to yield a bigger result than if they ran a typical campaign.

“Quality, Quantity, and Frequency” are the tools you need to manage your brand, but usage of each changes with each campaign. For considered and non-considered campaigns, the online impressions, actions, and successes’ importance means very different things.

Maybe an impression is more beneficial now for your campaign, but another campaign’s goal relies less on the impressions you’ve previously built and more on adoption and success.

How do you define content? In the digital world, it’s any kind of engagement. For brands to build content to be digital publishers, they need to reach users effectively and be unique. “The ‘template’ is dead,” explains Dan.

Brands need to be responsive, and to do this, they need teams that support their efforts to publish effective content quickly.

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