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Victor Pineiro, SVP of Social Media at Big Spaceship, joined coworkers Noah Levinson, Content Strategist, and Lauren Wannermeyer, Senior Community Strategist, in sharing the creative process of their latest concept.

The speakers and their company manage the whole of Youtube’s digital strategy and marketing, and showed proof of that rich experience in the explanation of their ideas.

Victor described the exciting explosion of “The Most Awesome Thing Ever,” which was a community site that pretty much hinged on the idea of comparing two completely unrelated things in terms of awesomeness. Their site was publicized on Huffington Post, Reddit, Business Insider, and more.

The true question that this story posed was: “what makes something viral?” When we observe the ideas that socialize for the internet native, we see some common processes that cause an explosion in digital response.

For Big Spaceship, Victor shared their process around building virality: choose business goals and intelligence, and use these to gather insights and produce a golden idea.

The Idea then needs to be propagated to the right people, with the right support, which should end up with the right momentum. With the correct mixture and process, that momentum can become viral.

The story continues, especially in the lives of ad agencies. More and more, ad agencies need to recognize what’s happening on the Internet, and characterize the events and ideas with equal speed.

Internet Brunch was started as a solution to this, a newsletter that snapshots the daily events of the Internet-whether it’s a llama chase, a dress of ambiguous color, or actual news, it is invaluable to identify and characterize that content today.

In order to track this content as it is generated, Noah described his plan for being on top of things-simply building and maintaining a curated list. The list is populated with people-people who are characterized by content over particular channels.

Tracking these people involves using tools such as Brandwatch and Sysomos, along with proprietary tools that may help optimize the tracking process. For the social media ad agency, what’s new, weird, and different has never been more popular.

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