How Brands Can Effectively Market on Snapchat



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Talia Minsberg (Social Strategy Editor, New York Times) and Farrah Bezner (International Head of New Business Ventures, Mondelēz) introduced us to the best practices for Snapchat.

According to Farrah Bezner, Sour Patch Kids wanted to incorporate themselves in teenage culture in order to sell an experience along with their product. Snapchat was the perfect medium for engaging their target demographic because it allowed consumers to access things they wouldn’t be able to see on TV.

Bezner described the Snapchat strategy for Sour Patch Kids as “tapping into influencers– whether that’s people from youtube, vine, or a musician– to really have the voice of our brand come through more organically.”

Logan Paul was the influencer voice that utilized the Sour Patch Kids’ Snapchat account in order to engage with users through authentic and organic content.

“It was about leveraging the sponsorship that we had and engaging with our consumers on Snapchat in a way that was not directly from the brand,” Farrah Bezner states. “We’ve typically not used the ad products. We’ve partnered with influencers and just created organic content. It’s been quite successful for us. We’ve been able to grow our following significantly.”

Although Snapchat is considered one of the hottest social platforms, it comes with it’s own share of obstacles. Dan Grossman from VaynerMedia states “one of the biggest challenges on Snapchat is getting reach. Snapchat is not a follower platform. It’s different from Facebook or Twitter, where the content you post can be boosted.”

Unlike Sour Patch Kids, it was unclear to Talia Minsberg whether or not the New York Times should exist on Snapchat. “The first thing we thought about was how will this benefit our readers? Is this a new way to tell stories? The answer for us was obviously yes,” Minsberg states.

The New York Times utilized Snapchat in order to revamp how news is delivered to modern consumers. “We wanted to give journalist themselves the Snapchat account and from an editorial perspective give them full control. We want to have a journalist telling a story in a unique way,” Minsberg says.

For the New York Times, it’s also about telling a story through a new perspective. Minsberg states “People are going to want to see the election in a new way. Show them behind the scenes of the debate! We had a reporter go and show behind the scenes of the Westminster Dog Show– a different perspective of what it’s like to be in the crazy environment of the dog show world.”

As Minsberg puts it, “Snapchat is a really fun way to give people unfiltered access than they’ll get from anywhere else.”

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