Facebook Is Improving the Way Non-Profits Can Raise Money On Their Pages



Facebook wants nonprofits and NGOs to raise more money via Facebook. They’re improving the existing tools, as well as revamping some features to make it as seamless as possible to donate to causes they are passionate about.

Facebook launched their nonprofits page to help nonprofit organizations and NGOs scale their efforts, reach, and ultimately raise more money for their causes.

An updated version of Facebook for Nonprofits was just rolled out to a limited number of organizations, which makes fundraising and generating awareness much easier and mobile-friendly.

TechCrunch says, “The fundraising tool, which functions as its own page, offers non-profits a way to tell their story, pump up supporters and collect donations. It’s also easier to donate without needing to leave the site or app.”

Aside from key features and tools, the Facebook for Nonprofits site provides tips and best practices for organizations to generate awareness and eyeballs on their mission, how to best engage supporters, and the tools to use to raise more funds.

Facebook’s Social Good Marketing Manager, Joanne Sprague, stated on the company’s blog that Facebook for Nonprofits is another part of the company’s goal to “build tools and products to empower its global community to do even more good on Facebook.”

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