Are You Listening? Learn How To Effectively Monitor Your Audience On Social



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How do you get more people to buy your brand? Build memory structures. In the digital age, images and content flow easily and seamlessly to our senses, through our ubiquitous mobile devices that tether us to the Internet.

The most powerful images are those that resonate with our emotional sensitivities and the symbols of our past. With mobile devices and social platforms, how do we find these psychologies?

Driving insight into the new digital audience is done through both social listening and intelligence, which are empowered by companies like Digimind that collect and analyze these streams of social data. This diverse panel reflected on all aspects of that social monitoring and its implications, from common use to political messaging.

Neta Yoffe of Digimind shared the business value of social media monitoring: increasing market share, sales, conversion and retention. Alex McLaughlin, Business Intelligence Analyst at Click Media, expanded on how social activity converts into behavioral characterization of the digital population.

Michael Hayworth, VP North America at Woody Media, stated that three major functionalities for political and NGO use are enabled by social media monitoring through companies such as Digimind: strategy development, knowing who’s talking about what, and launching conversations in the community.

Eric Schwamberger, Chief Marketing & Content Officer at Tenthwave Digital, capped the session by diving deeper into defining the implications of social media monitoring and analytics.

More than just what people are saying, social media monitoring allows us to ask how, where, and why.

Measuring the value of social media is quite difficult with its dynamic nature, but comparing the value of different social platforms for publishing purposeful content is feasible. The overarching theme of this talk, which was not mentioned but implied throughout, is that data drives action through insight.

The more we know about how people behave, the better we can understand them and thus sell to them, whether the product is physical or conceptual.

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