How to Market and Monetize Your iPhone Photo Collection



Can you actually make money using iPhone photos? Actually, yes, as well as you can with photos from any Nikon or other branded digital camera. All it takes is a little creativity, and finding the right audience.

You have an iPhone, which means you have a camera of higher quality than most people used to get in upper end digital cameras a decade ago. The way the brand has increased the power of their cameras, and the apps that have been released to further enhance them, is incredible. People shoot whole movies on their iPhones!

So when it comes to your own, what can you do with them? Can you actually make money using iPhone photos? Actually, yes, as well as you can with photos from any Nikon or other branded digital camera.

All it takes is a little creativity, and finding the right audience.

Offer Prints

This is the first and most obvious way to make money. Because iPhone takes photos in such high quality, the sizing can be increased or reduced to certain sizes without causing blurring. So making prints is not only possible, it is pretty simple to do.

Stores like Walgreens let you do this through an app, or by ordering through their website using services like Snapfish. Or you can use a producer like CafePress to make multiple items using the image (think shirts and coffee mugs).

Attracting customers is going to depend a lot on your current visibility. If you are more or less unknown, you will need to spend some time building up a viewership. Daniel Arnold took advantage of the audience he already had on Instagram to offer prints, and made $15,000 in a single day!

While using a similar tactic if you have a good group of followers on a social platform works, so does using your website. You could even create a shopping cart right there on your site, and make the print orders as needed with a profit to yourself.

Start Using iPhone Photos As Stock Images

With the creation of new stock sites that cater to more creative photographers, stock images are slowly regaining some dignity. You can take advantage of that, and join the revolution. But that means really taking your time to make high quality photos, and to be patient as your account builds a reputation and you start increasing your profit per download.

This is a pretty great way of developing some semi-passive income. You take the photos, you post them, you let them sit. The more pictures you upload, the more chance of downloads you have. You will be surprised by how it adds up.

These two stock image sites cater specifically to iPhone camera users:

1) Stockimo: When you upload your photos they’re rated by Ыtockimo team of professional photographers as well as buyers and sellers of photography. Photos are rated out of 4. Photos are accepted if their average rating is above 2.

2) Foap: Upload your smartphone photos from apps like Instagram, EyeEm, Flickr and more.

Sell Licenses On Your Website

Don’t want to go through a middle man? It is possible to share licenses on your own site, and so maintain the whole of the profit yourself. Of course, this comes with a few downsides.

For one, you have to pay the costs of maintaining your website and all associated bills. You are responsible for getting the word out and finding an audience to buy them. You are also at some legal risk, if people steal your photos to use (WHG provides more info on that).

On the positive side, you can get more money per download, and if you have an audience already that follows your site you may be able to immediately jump into making some cash.

Plus, you can take advantage of your traffic for other money making strategies, like PPC, affiliate marketing, or selling another product.

PrintMePoster is a great destination for you if you choose to try this route: They allow you to sell your photography as well as offer an affiliate program, so you can try both ways: Selling stock photography as well earning profit from your own site.

Embed Photos In Paid Designs

Do you have some graphic or web design savvy? Then maybe you should be aiming more for that than the photos themselves. You can charge more for a design or piece of content that uses original photography from you. It is enticing to the purchaser because it makes the design stand out more, and so worked more effectively for branding.

This takes more work, but it is also far more profitable given the extra service provided. You can make a couple thousand dollars creating a website for a business, for example, and take on some extra for the use of your photos. Plenty of companies would be more than happy to oblige.

It also doubles as a portfolio piece to show others, both the design itself and the photos your used in it. There is no better advertising for your skills than seeing it being used in practice in an professional capacity. That is a common lesson for freelancers that can be spread in every direction.

Canva is a great way to incorporate your creative photography into your creative designs and earn profit!

Tips For Making the Most of Your Phone Photo Collecstion

Now that you know some ways to make money, you need to address the elephant in the room: your iPhone photos need to be good enough to monetize. The good news is that using an iPhone to create gorgeous images is so easy it is almost insulting.

To really make your iPhone photos pop:

  • Turn on segmenting. You can create a segmented screen of grid boxes in your camera settings, and it will make a huge difference. Grids allow you to better angle your shot, using the Rule of Thirds to create a more dynamic and engaging shot.
  • Turn on HDR. Another tool that you should always be using is HDR. This will improve the quality and detail of the image, as well as auto-setting lighting for the best possible shot.
  • Use flash/don’t use flash. There is a sect of photographers that claim flash is the most useless tool, but it isn’t. You just need to use it in the right situations. Time and experience will teach you when these situations occur, so practice by taking one shot with and one without flash.
  • Get creative with angles. Some of the most popular images on the web are taken from bizarre, even uncomfortable angles. The way you shoot a subject can entirely change the focus and tone of the image.
  • Download some apps. There are so many photography apps in the iTunes store that are incredible, so I am not going to bother recommending any single one. Download a few, try them out, and keep the ones you like. Here’s a good list of those.
  • Don’t forget about security! If you are serious about monetizing your photo archives, you should always keep security in mind. The best idea is to create an archive of your photo gallery somewhere else beyond your iCloud. Amazon is a good option (according to Sitegeek, it’s both secure and reliable). But there more options listed here too.
  • If you travel a lot, pick a good provider, especially if you are an international traveler and plan to monetize your travel photography. Solutions like this one make perfect sense, especially coupled with their photography-friendly services.

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