Instagram Experiments With Multiple Account Toggling for iPhone Users



Instagram is testing a new feature with users of their iOS app. A small number of Instagrammers have the ability to easily toggle between accounts without the need to sign out, and sign back in. This is one of the most requested features for Instagram, and it might soon become a reality for everyone.

Update: Instagram announces this feature is officially rolling out to users!

Instagram is about to make some of its users very, very happy.

Latergram reported a small number of iOS Instagram users now have the ability to easily toggle between accounts. For individuals and businesses with multiple Instagram profiles, logging in and out each time is a pain. Towards the end of last year, Instagram tested this feature with Android users, so it seems that they’re trying it out with iPhone owners now.

If you want to check to see if you’re one of the lucky few to have this feature, go to your Instagram profile page, click “Settings” and towards the bottom you’ll see the option to “Add Account” (see screenshot below).

If (or when) you have this feature, you’ll be able to access your multiple feeds, comments, and messages via simple account toggling, and your push notifications will indicate which account they belong to.

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