Snapchat Is Focusing More on E-Commerce, Likely Through Its Discover Channels



Snapchat is planning to make more moves into the e-commerce space. After some talent hirings, startup investments, and new product announcements, it makes sense that Snapchat sees a ton of potential for integrating products and shopping into their app.

According to Joanna Coles, a Snapchat board member and Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan, e-commerce and mobile shopping is coming to Snapchat. (via Re/Code)

Snapchat recently invested in a mobile shopping app called Spring, and they also are working with Hearst to build a new product in the same space.

The new “e-commerce platform” would work directly through the Discover section, which right now is primarily content. Users would never have to leave the Snapchat app while making purchases, and Joanna Coles also hinted at a dedicated Discover channel where users could make purchases.

“Sweet is a channel on Snapchat that Hearst and Snapchat have done together, and the tagline is ‘Love something new every day,’ but at some point that will morph into an e-commerce platform so you will be able to buy from it.”

Sweet’s Discover channel already features products with descriptions and even pricing details, but it’s purely in the form of content and information. But, it all makes sense that Snapchat is planning to integrate e-commerce into the experience, especially with their own money transfer service Snapcash already launched and established for peer-to-peer payments.

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