We Talked To Snapchat Star Evan Garber About Influencers and Working With Brands



SMW writer Megan Conley sat down with Evan Garber, a Snapchat artist and influencer to discuss working with brands, aspiring social media stars, and the latest trends in influencer marketing.


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Influencer marketing can greatly impact your social marketing campaigns with higher reach, engagement and immense value, as long as it’s executed properly. Marketers, budding influencers and fans can all benefit from getting an (unfiltered) view of what it’s like to be an influencer, and the best ways of working with brands, and tapping into each others’ audiences.

We recently spoke with Snapchat star Evan Garber (@EmGarber on Snapchat and Instagram) about his favorite brand campaigns, his advice to up and coming talent, and more!

SMW: Of all the campaigns you’ve done, what brand campaign have you felt the most connected to, and why?

“It’s hard to choose since I’ve had the pleasure to participate in so many amazing campaigns, but if I had to choose one it would have to be the Project Garages campaign with General Electric. I felt most connected with this one because it incorporated my background in engineering along with my love of science. This campaign not only allowed me to use my creativity in a unique way, but it allowed me to help spread a positive message in the science community!”

SMW: Besides campaigns you’ve participated in, what brand campaign have you seen that you’ve really liked, and why?

“Since I can’t decide on just one, I’ll explain what’s involved in the campaigns I enjoy the most. Any campaign that’s engaged with their audience, I would consider amazing! Snapchat is a platform unlike any other where audience engagement should be taken full advantage of.

Making an interactive story or receiving snaps back from your audience is a huge creative element which should be utilized because anyone watching a story would love to be involved and feel like they aren’t just consuming content, but actually being part of the content.”

SMW: What do you think is so valuable to brands about working with influencers?

“There are many benefits that come along when brands work with influencers such as exposure, growth and reputation. Exposure is huge because the influencer will bring their audience along to see the adventure which incorporates the brand in an organic way that is in a style their audience is used to.

With cross promotion between the brand and influencer, growth is always seen on both sides with a collaborative campaign. When working with an influencer, their audience will associate the brand with the person they love to see and it will strengthen the reputation in the brand’s favor.”

SMW: Do you have any advice for someone looking to become a social Influencer that starting out you wish someone had told you?

“When I first started out I didn’t know many people in the social influencer scene so I wasn’t given much advice and I’m glad it worked out that way. Snapchat was brand new and social campaigns on the platform didn’t exist when I first started so I was able to help pave the way as well as develop my own creative style.

The one piece of advice I’d give someone is, push the limits of creativity. Being creative on a platform is a trait that will set your content apart from what is typically viewed on a daily basis. Making your content unique and exciting will allow it to stand out and and set you apart.”

SMW: How important has networking been to your success?

“Networking is extremely important in any industry and definitely has been important to my success. It’s all about building great relationships because you never know when those connections might come into play.”

SMW: What new apps have you been into lately?

“I haven’t really jumped too deep into many new apps, but I have been dabbling with Periscope and Slinger.”

SMW: What do you love about how brands approach you? (and what could you do without…?)

“I love how the brand is really open with all the details up front and that the process is always a collaborative effort. When brands have approached me they typically provide the direction and guidelines for the campaign, but I’m left with full creative control. This is huge because I understand what works on Snapchat and can develop a full engaging story that will bring unique value to that brand’s account.”

SMW: Anything else you’d like to share with the Social Media Week audience?

“If you’re on Snapchat, the best advice I can give is just be yourself and have fun! It’s a platform about being in the moment, sharing experiences and in turn you can brighten someone’s day and make them smile! If you can accomplish that, I could consider that a success.”

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