Use Social Media To Inspire Your Valentine’s Day



Every holiday, social media plays a role, and Valentine’s Day is no different. Here are some of the latest and greatest ways to use Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


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Whether or not you believe in Valentine’s Day is irrelevant, because if you think for a second that your girlfriend or wife will forgive you for skipping it, you are in for a rude awakening.

Of course, not everyone has the budget for a necklace, or the time to run to the flower shop or card store. A dozen roses is easier said than done. Whether it’s financial or logistical, one may be hard-pressed to deliver a proper Valentine’s gift to their significant others.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity for an indisputable online law: When in doubt, turn to social media. Upon researching the five major social platforms and then some, I have compiled terrific tools, links, and resources for each platform that will help send some V-Day love to your romantic partner.

Below, I present to you the most promising Valentine’s Day resources from Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Snapchat Art

Teens love Snapchat because it’s easy, quick, and fleeting. If you’re planning on using Snapchat for Valentine’s Day, I will caution you that it won’t be sufficient on its own. (You’ll definitely need to combine it with a physical gift). Having said that, here are some fun Snapchat examples for Valentine’s Day that may be cute to spontaneously send your significant other on February 14th.

The Twitter Circus

Twitter is a tricky platform for Valentine’s Day, as most people’s feeds are a constant stream of never ending random Tweets, in an extremely public-facing manner. If you are single this coming Valentine’s Day, you may want to block all V-Day references. And if you’re single but still looking for a Valentine, you can check out this helpful guide on how to meet women. And here’s one for flirting with men.

Get Personal in Public with Facebook

Facebook is a different animal in the sense that it might be the most conducive toward personal relationships. After all, your profile is likely viewable by everyone on your friends list. That is why Facebook is super helpful for sending more personal messages than public platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

One sleek Facebook option is to deliver a Valentine’s Day eCard that will post the eCards on a friend’s wall, but beware, this will be public-facing (so anything super lovey dovey might be best saved for an email). Though, according to Facebook, people are not shy about their personal relationships, as over 1 million people changed their relationship status within 4 days of Valentine’s Day in 2014! (Speaking of cards, NASA has a really cool page for that as well).

Instagram Inspiration

There aren’t any official tools or apps to use with Instagram in conjunction with Valentine’s Day, but you can definitely use Instagram for inspiration. Here are 50 awesome V-Day theme images for some warm Valentine’s Day inspiration, and here is a seemingly never ending list of Instagram V-Day images.

Pinterest Crafts

The easiest Pinterest strategy is to follow this Valentine’s Day account, which has pinned a ton of boards, which offers a plethora of gift ideas. For those who want a curated list of craft ideas in anticipation of Valentine’s Day, you can check out this awesome list of super easy craft jobs, which allegedly require zero skills!

Smart Phone Bonus

You may not want to get your hands dirty with social media, and keep things simple with just a few clicks or swipes by way of an app. Don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered. Here is an awesome list of apps that you can use to boost or inspire your Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of smart phones, one doesn’t always need to download an app. Sometimes, the simplest things are the best. Lay off social media and apps for just a minute, and dial your significant other’s phone number. Or send them a text message. Either way, the best gift might be the simplest: just a few honest words to express your love.

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