Social Media Is No Longer An Experiment, It’s Become An Essential Business Strategy



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“It’s what you do in the dark… that puts you in the light.”

The latest video released as part of Under Armour’s #RuleYourself campaign is a dynamically inspiring video centered on the USA Women’s Gymnastics Team. On top of the creative and unique content of the campaign, however, figuring out how best to share each new video is critical.

Jim Mollica, VP of Digital Marketing at Under Armour, has focused on making sure the intended recipients are seeing the content in the digital places where they spend the most time. Under Armour partnered with Droga5 to do so effectively.

“Social is not just one category,” said Colleen Leddy, Head of Communications Strategy for Droga5. “Content must be optimized for each different channel.”

In the world of social, creating content that will move the metrics a brand is focused on has become increasingly important. Social strategy is being integrated more and more into overarching strategy across brands and across the industry.

“When you start to have all of these different shops that think about social as a silo, it’s not helping your bigger objectives,” Leddy explained.

In some ways, the role of a ‘social media director’ is shifting as a result.

“Social is a key part of the channel mix, so we need those experts,” said Leddy. But social media personnel are being put back into the center of the agency to better integrate into overall strategy.

While fan counts give brands a sense of how engaging a given post might be on a certain platform, ‘likes’ do not matter as much in isolation. Under Armour will often monitor social media posts and put more money behind those that are starting to gain traction.

From a brand perspective, “People look at social less as a channel and more as an element that’s woven into everything,” Mollica added.

Hope Cowan, Creative Agency Partner at Facebook, agreed. “[Facebook] can be a very effective part of that mix in tandem with the others.”

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