Twitter Introduces An Algorithmic Timeline, But Thankfully It’s Optional

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Twitter is changing one of it’s core features, the timeline. Luckily, it’s an optional change, but for users that want to opt-in, they’ll see a slightly new timeline that places relevant Tweets based on algorithms at the top of the feed.

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Twitter announced a new timeline feature that focuses on the most relevant content to you, as opposed to the most recent. Luckily, this is an opt-in feature, which means it will only take effect if you willingly decide to. The “recommended Tweets” are based on information such as who you follow, topics you’re most interested in, and the activity of users that are similar to you.

It’s similar to the “What you may have missed” feature that rolled out to users, but amplifies that to serve you more Tweets that Twitter thinks you’ll enjoy. Non-algorithmically sorted Tweets will follow underneath in reverse chronological order as they always have appeared.

Twitter hopes this update will allow users to get more out of their Twitter experience, specifically creating more active social conversations that users genuinely care about. One of the challenges that Twitter faces today is getting new users. Many people are overwhelmed when they join Twitter with no clear instructions, but Jack Dorsey and his team are trying to figure that out.

“We think this is going to make life easier across the spectrum for users,” Twitter’s Product Managerm Michelle Haq, told TechCrunch. “We noticed across the board this caused users to create and interact more.”

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