Twitter Plans To Change How Tweets, Replies, and Mentions Are Formatted



Twitter continues to change, and their recent earnings report mentioned (literally) the way Tweets, @replies, and mentions on Twitter are formatted, and how they plan to fix many of the issues surrounding these Tweet styles.


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Twitter is going to make some changes to its platform, and one big focus is to make formatting and conversations easier to understand and more straightforward for new users.

Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, stated in an earnings report, “we are focusing a lot of our energy on refining the core product and looking at what is confusing about the service.” More from Twitter’s executive team can be found in their email to shareholders below (via TechCrunch).

@Replies and mention rules are one issue Twitter hopes can be resolved without upsetting its veteran users. For threads with multiple Twitter handles, characters become extremely limited with each new user added to the conversation, which detracts from the actual message all-together.

A second issue is @replies, or more specifically, the difference between Tweeting to all of your followers versus the current @reply, which displays the Tweet only to followers of you and the person you’re replying to.

Currently, most people insert a period behind the “@” symbol if they start a Tweet with a Twitter handle. Adding a “.” before a handle ensures all of your followers see that Tweet. Essentially, Twitter can’t detect the difference between a Tweet that starts with a username, and one that is replying to a specific Tweet (confusing, right?).

You can learn more about this common mistake in our article, “Unless You Are Replying, Don’t Begin Tweets With The ‘@’ Symbol

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