Utilizing Social Insights For Product Marketing and Valuable Interactions with Customers



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Kelly Autenrieth and Brit Ferguson, of Brandwatch, exemplified the power and use cases of social listening for product marketing. Highlighting that social media can be a sounding board to define the moment of truth for your consumers.

Moments of truth can hold the key difference between a customer making a purchase or not and as marketers we need to pay close attention to these moments of truth.

Often these Zero moments of truth, (a term Google has defined as the pre-purchase activities) hold more importance than the actual purchase, because they represent the intent, much of which is happening online.

If we can zero in on these moments of truth, it empowers us with real information, giving us a chance to work smarter. Brit explains, “You can help influence the moment of truth, your efforts utilizing social data can help you to influence people to choose your product.”

As a social media manager or a community manager, it is vital that you take the time to read and understand the sentiments of your consumers online. However, finding that real, true pulse of the people talking about your category, product or brand, can be can be difficult, even with the tools meant to help this process.

Brandwatch is a social listening tool. One which can help businesses measure social conversations, amongst other things, and notably has the ability to key into specific sentiments, like words relating to intent.

To that point, part of what many social media managers struggle with is having to weed through the noise that many inflexible listening tools can give you. Much of the results which the call influencers are really just competitors, influencers or bots.

Hence, understanding how to get results that can actually help you is important. Kelly showed us a way to combat this problem, with the aid of Brandwatch tools. “If you exclude top level content, you can get a whole new look at the social content.”

While many of us are caught up trying to constantly stay ahead of competitors, Brit tells us that it is much more worthy to stay ahead of your customer. Emphasizing that staying ahead of your consumer should be your first focus.

Understand the consumer’s emotional interaction with your brand, when they are purchasing and when. By using social listening to inform your social strategy you can learn when you should be placing your content and what should be featured in that content.

Social listening can inform your product strategy to your market research to your customer service. Rather than solely focusing on your own brand’s mentions and interactions, allowing the voices of your consumers inform your product strategy can prove to be powerful.

One can find out what a brand needs to include in their packaging and promotion based on what their consumers want. Knowing when your customers are entering your store, for example, can inform your strategy and help you understand what they want to see upon arrival.

The key is finding the differentiation point that you can make within your product or how you serve your customers, which can be done with social listening.

Brit brought up about a good final point, of scaling customer service, “I think responsiveness {on social platforms} really affects your experience and whether or not a customer comes back.”

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