Vine Star and Entrepreneur Meagan Cignoli Discusses Influencer Marketing Campaigns



Meagan Cignoli has a unique set of skills. She’s a successful Viner, artist, photographer, business owner, and seemingly everything in-between. She recently sat down with SMW News to discuss her favorite branded work, her thoughts on the industry, and dispelled some noteworthy advice.


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Vine superstar and stop-motion extraordinaire, Meagan Cignoli, has had an extremely successful career and is still moving full steam ahead. She recently sat down with us to discuss her favorite branded work, her thoughts on the industry, and dispelled some noteworthy advice!

SMW: Of all the campaigns you’ve done, what brand campaign have you felt the most connected to, and why?

“That’s like asking me to choose a favorite child! I started as a fashion photographer so our fashion campaigns are pretty close to my heart. Recently, we worked Carolina Herrera and shot a video on location alongside their lookbook. We only had a short amount of time to shoot each look, but the challenge was definitely part of the fun. I love the bold patterns and lines, and think the video turned out great!

As a team, I think it is always exciting when a project is so large that almost everyone on the team gets a chance to be a part of it from one aspect or another. Over the holidays we produced a 45 second video for Shoptiques – ‘Polar Express’. We created an entire village that the express traveled through, with six different large table-top scenes.

It had so many different mediums as well, incorporating illustration, paper elements, real objects and paper models. It took about a month to create and shoot every little detail, and build this really magical scene. It’s a campaign I know our whole team is proud and excited about.”

SMW: Besides campaigns you’ve participated in, what brand campaign have you seen that you’ve really liked, and why?

“Frooti did a great campaign for their mango juice product. The art direction, color choices and branding was all really great. We are really focused on color, and creating whimsical worlds and artistic videos for brands, that viewers love, and I think this campaign did a great job of bringing to life these elements.”

SMW: What do you think is so valuable to brands about working with influencers?

“There are the usual benefits of collaborating; a new point of view, outside perspective and fresh creative ideas to start. But, there’s also the added aspect of reaching your audience where they are already looking. It’s a great way for brands to engage with new and current customers, in an authentic and also really interesting and fun way.

It’s a chance for brands to get outside of their comfort zone a bit and focus more on entertaining rather than selling. Great content is really effective at producing results. Influencers can help brands sell, without actually selling.

SMW: Do you have any advice for someone looking to become a social Influencer that starting out you wish someone had told you?

“Is it too corny to say ‘be true to yourself’? Really though, finding your niche is important on your to-do list. If you aren’t crazy about cooking, don’t pick cooking, just because everyone loves food pictures. Pick something you love enough to spend the long hours creating extraordinary work, that’s what people will respond to.

People will see your commitment and love you for it. I think also, one thing most people don’t realize is that becoming a social media influencer is hard work. You have to be willing to really dedicate yourself and work hard, long hours. If you are in it just for the ‘likes’, and ‘follows’ you are in it for the wrong reasons.”

SMW: Has networking been to your success?

“Networking plays a part of course, and for some, I’m sure it is a big part. For myself, I’m a bit of an introvert. I’ve never been great at networking, and going to events and meeting people. I’ve had more success focusing on art and creating and engaging and meeting people within the online communities that I’m apart of (Instagram, Vine, Twitter, etc.). That is where I have met lots of really amazing people who are also excited about social and creating new and different things everyday. It is also how many of our clients find us.”

SMW: What new apps have you been into lately?

“It’s not exactly new, but I’m a big fan of Stellar. The app is a beautiful and offers a unique way to tell stories visually and using lots of mediums (words, images, video).”

SMW: What do you love about how brands approach you? (and what could you do without…?)

“I really can’t complain here. We are really fortunate to work with so many amazing brands and agencies across the world. It is always exciting when a brand comes to us and just loves so much what we do, that they give us a lot of creative freedom to create something new and different – we are always looking for new styles and mediums.

But, on the other hand, there is something really fun about bringing someone else’s vision to life and collaborating with different people. I love all the different challenges. One day we are working on a video for Kia, the next we are making a video for David Yurman – it is never a dull moment.”

SMW: Anything else you’d like to share with the Social Media Week audience?

“If you are interested in following us along on our journey, you can find us on Instagram, Vine, Twitter and basically everywhere social media (@meagancignoli). And for more of our brand work check out our website at”

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