4 Untapped Opportunities To Drive Sales Using Social Media



Direct your social traffic to landing pages, where it has more chances to “stick”, especially when it comes to primarily mobile platforms like Instagram.


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Sure, it’s great to have a massive audience on social media. Who wouldn’t want to have Kim Kardashian amount of followers? But at the end of the day, it’s not the number of followers that matter, it’s the amount of sales those channels have landed your business.

You can have a moderate, but dedicated following and boast at least 18% conversion rate. Or have a wide and diverse audience to speak to, yet who stops listening once you talk about your product.

Here are the four strategies to help you drive quality leads and make more sales via social media.

1. Social Commerce Apps and Websites

Social commerce is expected to see a massive spike in popularity this year with Instagram ads recently rolled out and buyable pins on Pinterest soon to be introduced to mass market.

However, paying ad fees to social networks for additional exposure isn’t revolutionary way to increase your sales. Think beyond the networks and consider investing in promotion with social commerce companies instead.

For instance, SavelGo – a social shopping app and platform serves as the medium between businesses and social shoppers, browsing the app in the “buying state of mind” in search for both recommendations and exclusive deals on social media and the app. As a business you pay a monthly fee to create your account, process payments, interact with the audience and leverage your social media presence at the same time.

Chirpify chose a slightly different route and allows to create rewards and loyalty programs for users, who serve as brand ambassadors on Twitter, along with offering dedicated hashtag campaign creation and execution.

2. Offer Customer Support via Social Media to Potential Prospects

Using Twitter as a customer support channel is a successful practice a lot of brands already adopted. Now, make a step further and start offering support outside your customer base.

How? Simple enough.

pm tools

Search Twitter for questions related to the problem your product solves. For instance, your service is a visual project management tool. Scout for questions related to planning, getting things done and organizing workflow from creative and non-techy types.

By answering questions and offering free custom support to folks, who are not your clients, you can drastically leverage your online reputation and land some good sales at the same time.

The same approach could be used to market your product on Quora – a massively popular Q&A community, covering pretty much any niche. Start following relevant groups to shoot replies and introduce your product to your target audience.

In any case, don’t forget about the golden rule of social media: 80% of content should be informational 20% – promotional.

3. Leverage Visual Marketing (Even if Your Brand is Not That Visual)

Crisp visuals attract at least 89% more likes, 18% more clicks and 150% more retweets. Not to mention the substantial user growth visual networks like Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest have experienced in the past few years. Visuals attract more attention, meaning a longer attention span when you can pitch your CTA to the user.

But what’s a brand to do if it’s not particularly visual?

Let’s take a look at Foundr Mag Instagram, which has grown to over 100K followers in slightly over a year and proved to be the best selling social media platform for the company.


Their strategy was to create and curate inspirational quotes aimed to resonate with their ideal follower – a young, brazen entrepreneur with a mid-rage income. To boost engagement, they’ve added creative CTAs to their visuals e.g. “tap twice if you agree” or “tag the person who can relate to the saying”.

Need some more ideas for visual content?

  • Create and share interesting data stats from your industry in form of graphics.
  • Share behind-the-scene snaps and your team at work.
  • Memes, comics and cartoons also work great for some niches.
  • Create a branded hashtag and feature user generated content.

4. Use Dedicated Landing Pages to Capture Leads

Instead of directing social traffic straight to your website, consider creating enticing landing pages to convert those casual browsers into prospective leads.

For instance, include a link to your free email course through your bio sections on social media or a dedicated landing page, offering another sort of juicy incentive.

Direct your social traffic to the pages, where it has more chances to “stick”, especially when it comes to primarily mobile platforms like Instagram.

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