Curating the Internet: How to Find Content You Actually Want to Read

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The faster you can find the content you seek or want to learn and consume, the more you will learn and the quicker you can make decisions or move onto other tasks that can benefit from that new knowledge.

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It used to be just a matter of doing a query on a search engine to find exactly what you wanted to read. Now, though, that same search could return thousands of possible options that lead to you scrolling through pages to maybe find a few good items.

In that time, numerous more articles or blogs have been added that could also be something you wanted, that contains some content that is even better and more relevant than you have just read.

With so much to offer but so little time it’s good to know some shortcuts that will get you to the content you really want to read without having to contend with a lot of other noise that you are not interested in. Here’s how:

Another site that focuses strictly on news content is Feedly, which offers a deeply personalized news feed so you can easily get the information you need in a short time and on-demand. You can tailor the news content to your choice of publications, blogs, YouTube channels, alerts, and content collections.

In terms of an additional advantage as a business application, Feedly also provides a way to share the content collections, use knowledge boards to further provide insights, save content to Evernote and integrate with Trello and Slack.

Use apps that offer themselves as content discovery sources that utilize artificial intelligence to learn about what you like and what you are interested in. Flipora, recently renamed About Rover goes to work by connecting to Twitter and Facebook as well as embedding itself in your browser to learn about what you look at, what you read, and what you search for.

Plus, it also gives you the option of telling it directly about the type of topics you would like to read about. Then, it goes out and looks periodically and returns that information to you in the form of a news feed you can access online or from your smartphone, including iOS and Android devices.

You are likely already familiar with Reddit as a source of great content, but even better is the fact that there are subreddits that focus on specific topics that hone in on exactly what you want to read about. There is an incredible list of topics that cover just about everything that can provide you with direct access to the relevant content you are seeking.

Sometimes you find content but then forget later where it was when you actually have time to read it. These sources could have actually also been a good channel to come back to later on for more interesting content.

That’s where an app like Pocket helps you store any content that could be of interest plus helps you find future places for similar content. Pocket also notifies you of the stories that are trending and popular to connect you more quickly to what you may want to read. You can save from your browser, Twitter, Pulse, Zite and Flipboard.

With so many advantages in using the social Web, you can even get the opinion of others in terms of where you can find good content, especially if these influencers share the same interests as you do. An app like Flipboard puts you in touch with those people who can connect you directly to the content you are looking for because they were on a similar search and already uncovered some great stuff.

It’s not a bad idea to let someone else do the hunting for you, and you can even return the favor should you discover something that you think they would like. This particular site also lets you take photos, videos, and written content – and turn it into a digital magazine to share with others. You can also take advantage of what others have done and enjoy content that is focused on the same topics you want to read more about.

Another directory-style website to use as a go-to source for content is, which was created by the founders of BuzzFeed. It gives you a quick way to scan some of the newest stories on the Web that may or may not interest you. Either way, you can see the latest information that you may have otherwise missed entirely by relying solely on a search engine.

With targeted sources for content like these, there is no need to spend extra time, scrolling through search engine page results or social media news feeds to find exactly what you are looking for or even help you discover something entirely new that you didn’t know was available.

The faster you can find the content you seek or want to learn and consume, the more you will learn and the quicker you can make decisions or move onto other tasks that can benefit from that new knowledge.

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Cynthia Johnson

Director of Brand Development, American Addiction Centers


Cynthia Johnson is an entrepreneur, marketing professional, author and keynote speaker. She was Managing Partner & Director of Marketing for RankLab, a digital marketing agency listed in Inc. Magazine's Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2015. In July of 2015 RankLab was acquired by American Addiction Centers and Cynthia is now their Director of Brand Development. She is the Editorial Director and a member on the Global Board of Directors for Social Media Club, a member of YEC (Young Entrepreneurs Council), and committee member for the Charlotte and Gwenyth Gray Foundation to cure Batten Disease. Cynthia is an author and a contributing columnist for Entrepreneur, Search Engine Journal, Startup Grind, Business2Community, Social Media Examiner, SheKnows and others. Cynthia is a professional with 8 years of diverse work experience in entertainment, marketing and digital advertising. She has work experience in both corporate companies as well as small tech startups. She has been involved on social media and viral campaigns for Levi’s, Vans, Chevy, Susan G. Komen, Peta2 and Maker Studios. She has also consulted on campaigns for Here Media, West Management Group and several other startup ecommerce brands. She is knowledgeable in social media marketing for SEO, viral campaign strategy, branding, reputation management and community building.

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