LinkedIn Joins Facebook and Twitter As Social Networks with Television Ads



LinkedIn is the latest social network to debut a television commercial, joining Facebook and Twitter as the major players to reach audiences in a very traditional way. Which one do you think is best, and could they be effective?

It’s interesting to see yet another social network advertising themselves on TV. LinkedIn is the newest member to take it’s digital life to our living room TV sets.

“You’re Closer Than You Think” is LinkedIn’s first television commercial that aired during last The Oscars on ABC. The 30-second spot features an astronaut exploring space and a voiceover done by LinkedIn’s CEO, Jeff Weiner.

Re/Code says is was inspired by a Tweet from December about a NASA job opening for an “Astronaut Candidate,” and LinkedIn sources reported that three million U.S. LinkedIn users qualified for the job based on their profiles rendering it the company’s most popular Tweet ever.

Facebook has a few TV spots under their belt, but this one that aired during AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead in August of 2015 is one that stands out the most.

Is your dream on your mind?

Posted by Facebook on Monday, August 10, 2015


The third major social network with a TV spot is Twitter, which debuted their ad in October of 2015 for the Major League Baseball playoffs to promote their new “Moments” feature.

So, which of these three ads do you think is best? Should social networks spend more time and money on traditional advertising, and completely market themselves in ways that are almost opposite to their own product?

It’s ambitious for sure, and yes, they will reach audiences who may not already use their service, but it’s a strange time to be in the media business, where TV networks are pouring money into their social media budgets, and vice versa.

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Image Credit: Fortune

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