Social Media and Teens: Does This Relationship Require Strict Cellphone Monitoring?



How can parents and guardians deal with these fears? Is it a good idea to allow the child to do as he or she pleases and learn the hard way? When can a parent know that enough is enough?


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Teens share a unique and complex relationship with social media platforms, especially with the giant website – Facebook. They believe it is the window to adulthood and their opportunity to feel like an important part of society and social networks.

They use it to exchange all kinds of information with their friends and expand their social circles. For them, social media is the place where they find new information, play games, and discover new opportunities to interact (unsupervised) and away from the prying eyes of their parents.

However, are teenagers truly safe while using social media chats? Every responsible parent asks this question at least once.

Asking kids and teens too many questions is not always right because it can create a rift and push the child into becoming distant and secretive. In fact, parents often complain about not knowing what their kids are up to, until it is too late and they get into some kind of trouble or embrace a bad habit.

Parents and guardians are always right in believing that keeping an eye on the teenager is important. In my opinion, there does need to be cellphone monitoring in social media and teen relationships.

How can parents and guardians deal with these fears? Is it a good idea to allow the child to do as he or she pleases and learn the hard way? When can a parent know that enough is enough? How can parents and guardians be sure that the teenager is not talking about things he or she should not be talking about with strangers? When to know that it is time to draw the line and take serious measures?

The only way out is to find ways to monitor the teenager without letting him or her know.

How is cellphone monitoring possible?

By using the latest monitoring and tracking apps that work on both iOS and Android devices. An example of such an app is XNSPY, which allows monitoring social media activities and offers many other features. Once parents install these apps, they can access the kid’s data from a control panel to see everything that’s going on in his or her life.

An advantage of using these cellphone monitoring apps is that parents can keep track of the teen’s whereabouts using the GPS tracking feature. There is no need to ask or nag about where the teenager is going any more. Parents can check his or her GPS location whenever they want, in order to make sure their child is safe.

Besides this feature, some apps come with the Geo-fencing feature, which allows parents to mark restricted places. As soon as the child goes to those places, the app sends a notification to the parents via SMS to let them take appropriate actions.

Monitor Facebook Chats Secretly

Modern technology has led to the creation of amazing and unbelievably sophisticated and undetectable apps like XNSPY that facilitate monitoring and tracking without being detected. Now, parents can monitor Facebook chats by marking specific words in a watch list so that they get notifications whenever the teenager uses them, allowing them to take appropriate action before it is too late.

In addition, with such apps, parents can keep an eye on the contact list in the teenager’s cellphone without actually holding the phone all the time. They can mark unwanted people in a watch list to know whenever that person contacted their child. Moreover, parents can read all SMS conversations and IM Chats, including Viber, WhatsApp, Kik, Line, and Skype.

It is also possible to view the entire conversation a teenager shares with contacts on Facebook chats. This way, parents and guardians can stay ahead of the teenager and act smartly whenever necessary.

Image Credit: SheKnows

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