There Are 10 Billion Video Views Everyday on Snapchat



On Snapchat, a view is counted as soon as someone starts watching a snap. On Facebook, video views count as if someone watches for three seconds or more.


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Behold the power of Snapchat. Everyday, there are 10 billion video views within Snapchat, which grew from 8 billion daily video views in February of this year.

“More than a third of Snapchat’s daily users create ‘Stories’ that broadcast photos and videos via their profile that last 24 hours,” (via Bloomberg).

Snapchat intentionally reveals these numbers to show how the strength of its platform as not just a consumption engine, but also a content creation one. After all, the first thing you see upon launching the app is the camera lens, allowing you to snap a photo or record a video instantly.

Back in November, Facebook said they have 8 billion daily video views, but it’s important to note that Facebook counts video views after someone watches for three seconds (auto-play included). On Snapchat, a view is counted as soon as someone starts watching a snap.

It’ll be interesting to see how these numbers continue to change as Snapchat expands its app with more features built for video, such as augmented-reality 3D stickers.

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