39 Facts About Uber and the Ridesharing Industry

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Most rides take place between 8pm and 2am, and Uber tracks nearly 2 million rides per day.

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Founded in 2009 by a college dropout, Uber is a classic tech success story, and the company’s exponential growth and substantial amount of funding over the past six years helped launch it to the top of the startup world.

With over 8 million users and more than 1 million driver-partners, Uber is perhaps one of the most popular companies offering convenience and general “coolness” to a wide range of individuals. Regular commuters and high-profile celebrities alike use Uber, with nearly 2 million rides per day, there is quite a bit of data and insights to extract.

The infographic below outlines some of the incredible numbers, stories, and data points surrounding Uber and ridesharing, as well as some interesting facts about the company.


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