4 Ways Small Businesses Can Stand Out on Social Media



The saying that “any press is good press” isn’t necessarily true in the world of social media. Getting recognized for the wrong reasons can prove costly to your brand.

When it comes to social, businesses and marketers need to stop blending in with the crowd. If you truly want to generate results and drive conversions, then you need to stand out and carve your own niche. And while some would like you to assume this is impossible to do in overcrowded spaces, the reality is that the internet isn’t as big as you may think. With the right strategies and techniques, you’ll definitely get noticed.

In order to be unique, you have to stop thinking like everyone else and start following your own set of rules. If you’re following the same advice as everyone else, then you have no chance of separating from the pack. It’s time to reject common logic and do something new.

1. Create Unique Content

Let’s start with the content you’re creating. Stop posting the same old regurgitated topics and start coming up with fresh angles! Compelling content is a must in 2016.

If everyone is posting articles about why they love the latest, greatest Hollywood flick, come up with an article that talks about everything that’s wrong with the movie. If everyone is producing highly scripted videos, use a behind-the-scenes documentary technique. There’s so much content saturation on social media right now that you must do something different in order to even have a chance of getting noticed.

2. Develop Original Branding

While social networking platforms require uniformity across user profiles, there’s still some room to get creative. Instead of posting a boring corporate image as your profile picture, design a unique logo and use it exclusively on social media. Instead of posting your company’s mission statement in the “about us” section, write something humorous and eye catching. Remember, the goal here is to stand out.

3. Choose Emerging Platforms

There’s a reason companies pursue Facebook first. It has the largest following and is clearly the gold standard of social networking. However, the larger the network, the harder it is to stand out. What you should really be doing is targeting up and coming networks that are wildly popular, yet comparatively smaller.

In 2016, this means going after Snapchat, Vine, and Periscope. These aren’t small networks by any stretch, but they are much more manageable. If you can develop a sound strategy with these social networks, you’ll be able to stand out and then use that recognition as leverage for going after bigger networks like Facebook and Twitter.

4. Engage Directly With Followers

There’s a difference between speaking at and speaking to your social media followers. You want to avoid speaking at them. If you’re constantly pushing out content and never responding to questions or comments, then you’ll gain a reputation of being self-seeking and disengaged.

The key to building a rabid social following is to give users what they crave: attention. Directly engage followers by responding to comments, liking posts, asking questions, and seeking out user generated content. Social media is a two-way street and you must respect this reality.

Stand Out (the Right Way)

The saying that “any press is good press” isn’t necessarily true in the world of social media. Getting recognized for the wrong reasons can prove costly to your brand. On the other hand, you can’t gain visibility if you’re busy blending in with the crowd and following the trends.

The key to being successful on social media is standing out in a unique way that does justice to your brand. Keep these tips in mind and make an attempt to stand out – the right way – in the coming months and years.

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