The Facebook vs. YouTube Fight Continues: New Video Ad Formats Arrive on Facebook



“Globally, advertisers that opt-in to the Audience Network can generate approximately 10% more incremental reach than using mobile News Feed alone.”

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It’s no secret how critical video has become lately in marketing and advertising, and Facebook is one of the biggest proponents of this trend. In fact, they seem to be pushing the trend forward single-handedly.

To compete with other video tech companies, such as YouTube, there are two new additions coming to Facebook and its Audience Network. The first is the ability to run pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll video ads within other video content.

This means your video ads no longer need to stand alone, but rather they can be a part of a different publisher’s content (via AdAge).

“We’re extending Audience Network to include videos from advertisers looking to drive brand outcomes. Now, in addition to watching these videos on Facebook and Instagram, people will view them on the other apps and sites where they spend their time,” (via Facebook).

The second change involves video ads within articles on Facebook. “In-article video ads will appear on mobile pages of publishers between paragraphs of text that play automatically when at least half the pixels are viewable. In this format, the viewer must opt-in for sound.”

This seems to be a win-win for Facebook and publishers and content creators. Facebook makes more money, and brands that participate will see heightened exposure of their content. Facebook’s blog post wrote:

“With more places to deliver content, we can better maximize value for advertisers who want more brand exposure through video. Globally, advertisers that opt-in to the Audience Network can generate approximately 10% more incremental reach than using mobile News Feed alone. Plus, we increase our ability to show the most relevant ads to each viewer. If your targeted audience spends more time in a particular app than on Facebook or Instagram, your video will be shown in that app more often.”

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