Why Millennials Are The Best Storytellers



“On Snapchat, I like its ephemeral aspect, in addition to its video sharing capacity. I like creating quick, funny videos on Snapchat, commenting on stuff I see around me.”


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With the thousands of apps and social media platforms readily available for us, the nature of storytelling has drastically changed. With the widespread, and almost universal use of social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, Millennials have evolved into some pretty amazing storytellers.

A big part of this is the ability Millennials have at knowing their audiences. On each platform, they know what the message or story is that they want to communicate, and the best ways to do so. Personally, I find that I use each platform differently.

On Snapchat, I like its ephemeral aspect, in addition to its video sharing capacity. I like creating quick, funny videos on Snapchat, commenting on stuff I see around me.

On Instagram, I still am able to express my sense of humor, but in different ways, with witty posts.

On Facebook, when I usually want to reach a larger audience, I might share more serious stories and posts.

Besides for my personal uses of social media to help tell my stories, here’s how Millennials have become the best storytellers

1. Our stories are driven by social media

Social media comes naturally to many Millennials. Such familiarity gives us an advantage, especially when we have a story that needs to be told. We automatically know what platform is the best place for us to tell that story.

Whether it be sharing ephemeral, unedited commentary of our everyday lives on Snapchat, or sharing our musical creations on SoundCloud, social media propels and enhances our ability to tell and share our stories.

2. We listen to each other

Our stories would be nothing if we didn’t have supporters, followers, and listeners. Of course, we need an audience that cares enough to engage with our stories. Millennials are not only great at telling their stories, but also at supporting their friends’ stories.

Our age group is using tech and social media to connect with others to help them achieve their goals/dreams. There’s no better illustration of this than when it comes to the crowdfunding of storytelling. This summer, two of my friends are going on a road trip across the United States and plan on telling their stories with photography and writing.

To help raise money for their trip and for the national parks they plan on seeing, they took to social media, creating a crowdfunding campaign. They not only asked their friends to help complete their mission, but also invited anyone online to take part in their storytelling and help them fulfill their dreams.

3. We never stop creating and sharing

Millennials never stop telling their stories. Regardless of the platform in which we choose to do so, we continue to create and share what is meaningful to us. We all have something to say, and are able to find just the right audience that wants to listen.

We use both our own experiences to create new stories, as well as things happening around us, and evolve stories by commenting on events, news, and the people, places, and things around us, each and every day.

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