Why Artificial Intelligence Will Completely Change Social Customer Service



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When you think artificial intelligence, stop thinking disastrous scenarios like i-Robot and start thinking better customer service.

In the session, Practical Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Social Customer Service, Mikhail Naumov, Chief Strategy Officer of DigitalGenius, shows how AI and humans can work together to provide better customer service.

He first explained that there are multiple types of AI and that we need to be careful in both – alluding to the situation where a Microsoft AI chatbot was taught to be racist.

One mode is artificial narrow intelligence, where a machine learns to surpass the level of expertise of a human in one specific thing – think an online chess game.

Another mode is artificial general intelligence, which is one that can complete any function of a human being . This mode is still years away from existing.

Naumov’s group, Digital Genius takes an application of artificial narrow intelligence and pairs it with humans so, in his words, “machines and humans are both doing what they do best.”

“When you think of the world of customer service, the thing the human is doing can be quite repetitive,” he explained, “those tasks can be automated with AI and we can have the human and machine working together.”

This application, he said improves efficiency in customer service dramatically.

“Years ago, you had 1 customer service agent who had a phone and was efficient. Then they got a computer and could maybe be ten times more efficient. Now a person in customer service could have an AI service that would make them even more efficient than that,” he said.

He uses an example where a bot for an airline uses data from Twitter to respond to questions. A person who leaves a cell phone on a plane can text into the airline’s chatbot and the AI, where the bot has learned how to respond to such a question. But those responses and more complicated questions are still reviewed by a human customer service agent.

Naumov said the best time to use automation is for repetitive questions, service disruptions, volume spikes.

“When someone wants an answer quickly and accurately there should be a way for the brand to deliver that.”

In short, Naumov claimed that this combination of AI and human intelligence is the future of social ai customer service.

This event took place at Social Media Week in Los Angeles. Sign up for SMW Insider to access the full video of this event and 50+ other #SMWLA sessions.

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