“BeautyCon Content Creators Are Driven Like No Community I’ve Ever Seen Before”

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Moj Mahdara is the CEO for Beautycon Media, a company that sees 1.5 million social interactions per day, has 30,000 beauty box users and thousands of people attending its conferences worldwide.

She attributes much of that success to the company’s ability to create, curate and share content that reached diverse audiences and millennials. In this session, Mahdara broke down how recognizing audience diversity grew Beautycon and how it is important in the future.

She said she got interested in Beautycon early on when she saw a “community that had white, black, mexican, puerto rican, young men and women – gender neutral – to celebrate beauty.”

“The stats are something like only 4% of women worldwide feel beautiful, 80% don’t think they are beautiful but that their friends are,” she said.

Mahdara also said that last year was the last year with families born into a primarily caucasian world and that more families are more than one ethnicity worldwide than ever before.

“Before, much of beauty marketing was for white women, but now people are seeing diverse influencers that are genuine and make them feel beautiful.”

Mahdara said that Beautycon started with worldwide events, moving to social platforms and video influencers to reach out to different people across the world.

“We decided to live where the fans live –online — and generate content that reaches them and with people who are passionate and genuine.”

The largest point Mahdara returns to is using passionate people, from diverse backgrounds being influencers for Beautycon.

“In my circles I hear a lot of ‘content is king’ so as these content creators continue to have authentic relationships with their fans, you’re going to find that they start to become editors and curators of content”

Mahdara ended her talk noting that diversity is something companies should be leaning into.

“They are a powerful community, they’re driven like no community I’ve ever seen before and they have a high return on investment.”

This event took place at Social Media Week in Los Angeles. Sign up for SMW Insider to access the full video of this event and 50+ other #SMWLA sessions.

Brooke Seipel

Reporter, Social Media Week


Brooke is a multimedia journalist currently based in the greater L.A. area. She most recently worked as a staff reporter at the Orange County Register covering the cities of Orange and Villa Park. Prior to reporting, she helped create and develop corporate blogs and social media sites.

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