Snapchat Doesn’t Come Easy for Some of Us, But You Must Start and Learn



It might be time to grab the closest teen and ask for a Snapchat demo.


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To adults, Snapchat still feels like the new kid on the block when it comes to social media. The professional world is still getting a handle on using Facebook and Instagram, and now Snapchat? Indeed, the app is here to stay, even if it was designed for disappearing messages.

With that in mind, professionals in a variety of fields are taking on the challenge of learning about Snapchat, and the process is proving refreshing and educational for everyone involved. Teachers, chefs, and even librarians are finding ways to share information across the app and their audiences are growing steadily.

Trailblazing Teachers

Teachers, particularly on the high school and undergraduate level, were some of the first to notice the popularity of Snapchat among their students and repurpose it. Many claim it extends their reach by catching student attention outside of class time, refocusing them briefly on the topics they’re studying.

One psychology professor uses the platform to highlight real world examples of concepts he’s teaching, targeting the content near test time as a type of transient study aid, while one high school Spanish teacher has seen limited use for the app as a vocabulary building tool.

Outcomes vary, but students like the casual feel of Snapchat, and it’s estimated that 77% of college students use it, offering teachers a broad audience for these extra study mechanisms.

Foodie Photos

While the restaurant savvy crowd tends to be a little older than the Snapchat crowd, it’s unsurprising that foodies – who’ve been avidly taking pictures of their meals since the advent of smartphones – have clicked with the app. Many find that it’s a great way to preview unique menu offerings, share food preparation clips, or just grab some inspiration for a new dish.

Chef and TV star Eden Grinshpan, for example, gives her Snapchat followers a peak at NYC food events, takes them behind the scenes on set, or passes along great pictures of brunch. And vegan cookbook author Mary Mattern’s Snapchat account is popular with vegans and non-vegans alike. Indeed, a quick look at the Snapchat food scene will prove that from the mundane to the Michelin star-rated, anyone can get in on this scene.

Specialty cuisine restaurants have a special love of Snapchat as a tool to help them demystify “exotic” foods. Ever heard of ‘rousong’? Sometimes described as being like meat cotton candy, the product is popular in Chinese and Taiwanese food, but even many foodies have never heard of it. Since Snapchats can contain video, audio, text, and even stickers, chefs can blurb a new ingredient, show diners what it might look like, and invite them in for a taste, all in a few seconds. What’s not to love?

Tech-Literate Librarians

If there’s an industry you wouldn’t expect to have gotten on board with Snapchat yet, librarians might stand out as strong contenders – but maybe that’s because too many of us still think of librarians as stodgy and buried under a pile of encyclopedias. In fact, librarians are actually some of the smartest technology consumers you’ll meet, up to date on the latest digital trends.

Librarians have taken to Snapchat, especially the multi-phase Snapchat story function, to explain how to access digital records, explain the shelving process, or offer resource tips. Some are even giving library patrons a glimpse at life on the other side of that desk.

Is your industry ready for the Snapchat revolution? If not, it’s time to grab the closest teen and ask for a demo. Then it’s on to brainstorming your best Snapchat campaign ideas.

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