5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having A Virtual Office



“Why limit your business to the ideas of few people when you have unlimited access to pool of talent screaming for opportunities?”


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Today, work is what you do, and no longer a rigid place you go to.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, work at a small firm, or you’re worried by large investments in physical space, then there are several reasons to consider a virtual office as the right solution.

Virtual offices not only decrease your technology related investment and overhead costs (by eliminating the costs of your lease and building expenses), it also makes your business more productive as you are providing an opportunity for your remote workers to work from the places they find most comfortable.

Virtual offices are a relatively new concept in the business world, but chances are it could be the calling card to take your business to next level. Below are five reasons that explain why you should try virtual office for your business.

1. Saves Money

Yes virtual office needs quite initial investment to set up. But that can be easily recovered by having employees telecommute from their homes. A recent article from BusinessWeek pointed out that businesses can save up to £8000 per every employee that works remotely.

This is excluding the money saved from not making any sort technology investment and taking office building on lease.

This means that virtual offices are not just for small firms anymore. Even if you are operating a larger business, you can use virtual offices to spread your branches. There can be minor issues with security as you are operating from a distant place but this can be easily eliminated using a better encryption service for your data.

2. Easier Multitasking

The whole point of having a virtual office is to assist your business in performing many tasks simultaneously. Majority of virtual office service providers provide services like mail forwarding/receiving, providing meeting space, call answering services, virtual receptionists and customer care, etc.

These services help small businesses a lot. Relax and calmly make your future strategies while the people virtually manage all your professional endeavors.

3. Increased Productivity

A Chicago based communication firm chose virtual office to reduce its investment costs. What was supposed to be a year long experiment by the firm changed into permanent solution after the productivity of the firm increased dramatically with decrease in the turnover time. Moreover, the employees were significantly happier.

Most people are happier doing their jobs from their homes avoiding any dramas that arises after being put up with people they dislike. This accounts for heightened productivity and lesser turnover time.

4. Access to global talent

The union of talent with opportunity can be regarded as the biggest achievement of the internet. Why limit your business to the ideas of few people when you have unlimited access to pool of talent screaming for opportunities?

The seemingly endless boring office hours tire workers and it’s often hard to generate fresh ideas. The employees would be more creative if they are not glued to their desks all day long.

5. Cleaner Environment

According to yourvirtualofficelondon, virtual office save up to 90% of power expenditure as remotely working employees means elimination of costs associated with the adaptation and equipment of a conventional office.

This has an instant positive impact on environment because these are the sort of things that have a direct link with generation of carbon footprints according to figures from the World Resources Institute. Virtual offices also make use of electronics in much larger scale, this reduces the need for conventional office works which in turn reduces the need for energy and water.

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