5 Ways To Improve Your Page’s Facebook Traffic Without Spending a Dollar



It’s like going to an empty restaurant. People are not going to go inside because they are wondering what’s wrong with it.

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Getting more traffic from Facebook is crucial because your website is ultimately where people are going to spend money. But what is Facebook reach and how should you go about getting it as high as possible?

Your reach on Facebook is about how many interested people you are making contact with. If you want to get more traffic from Facebook, this guide is going to show you how to do it.

1. Make Your Profile More Powerful

Your profile is the first thing people see that’s under your control. It has to be as strong as possible because first impressions mean absolutely everything. Consumers make assumptions about brands is mere seconds, therefore, you have to give them a reason to explore more of your page from the start. You have to make your current Facebook profile more attractive, but how do you go about doing this?

Pack your profile full of information about you and your company. Explain exactly what you stand for and what people can expect when dealing with you.

2. Increase the Number of Fans

The number of fans you have does matter because people are like sheep. If something is popular, people are going to be interested in it. It’s like going to an empty restaurant. People are not going to go inside because they are wondering what’s wrong with it. Fill that restaurant up and people are going to start eating there.

Build up your base of fans by sharing your page with your friends, encouraging people to sign up on your website, and offering incentives for people to do so. Cross-promote your Facebook page with other social media networks to increase your exposure.

3. Build Relationships with Other Bloggers

Building relationships with other bloggers is crucial because they will share your content on their Facebook pages, which will drive traffic to your website, either through your own Facebook page or through direct links from the pages of others.

You will be expected to reciprocate, though. Make sure you are only interacting with bloggers your target audience will actually like. Be picky about who you deal with because if your customers hate them it’s going to reflect badly on you.

4. Use Facebook Groups

Facebook groups with big followings are powerful tools for driving traffic to your website. These are established communities that are already thriving. If your brand matches up with their interests, get active in those groups and start to steadily drive traffic to your website.

Don’t try to push your products hard. Act like a real human being and give unsolicited advice. Don’t speak on behalf of a company, instead speak on behalf of you as a person. Remember that people are naturally suspicious when brands speak.

5. Give People a Reason

A surprising number of people forget this part of the process. They fail to understand that they have to give people a reason to leave Facebook and visit their website.

If you have already published the full blog post on Facebook, why would they click on a link to go to the source? Make it clear that there’s more value to be had on your website.

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